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Zurvan is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Gandarewa's model from Final Fantasy X.



Casting the Nul-spells helps with dealing with its elemental attacks, or simply having elemental-absorbing/resistant equipment and abilities. The player can also use Reflect or Shell. To bring it down quickly, the party should hit it with Fire-elemental attacks, such as Fira and Flametongue.

Creature Creator[]

Fiend Tale[]

One notable Zurvan was created from the combined spirits of two people who lived in the same neighborhood and both died of illness a month apart: the top face being a woman and the bottom face a man. When she learned that her counterpart made a wish on a toad statue at the Kilika Temple that resulted in their shared form, she insisted to go there to get separated. Once the top face learns of the nature behind the bottom face's wish, the overall Zurvan union accepts their oneness.

Sphere Break[]

Zurvan Coin
Silver Zurvan Coin
Gold Zurvan Coin
Coin No. 2 Coin Value 5
Trait -
Location Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.
Win from the Practice Core Sphere or the Easy Core Sphere players in the Luca Stadium.
Given x5 when first learning Sphere Break.


In Zurvanism, Zurvan is the god of infinite time (and space) and is Aka Manah ("one", "alone") deity of matter.

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