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Unlike in most Final Fantasy games, the Zus in The Crystal Bearers are peaceful creatures, mostly used as transportation in one point or another by the characters of the story, including the hero himself. Zus are usually found in the Edge of Oblivion and Yuke Sky City. The player can use the Zus as transportation by locking on to their legs to launch themselves and grab on to the Zu as it flies off.

Shoot The Monsters[edit | edit source]

Even though most Zus in the game do not pose a threat to the player, at the start of the game, Layle is forced to battle a flock of berserk Zus that threatened the Alexis II. After a scene where the Zus start attacking Keiss' fighter aircraft, Layle grabs a Heavy Machine Gun and jumps off Keiss' fighter aircraft to battle the Zus in mid-air in a free-fall Shooter Mode.

The objective in this section of the game is to shoot down as many Zus as possible. Later on the player can play the free fall shooter in multiple difficulty settings, each one altering the machine gun's firing rate and ammunition strength. Co-op players, rather than playing as extensions of Layle, will play as off-screen machine guns assumed to be air force backup.

Medals you can get in this section include:

  • [002] Monster Boss Downed:

Defeat the giant Zu during the Shoot The Monsters! minigame. It is easier to defeat if you select the "Heavy Damage But Slow" option and learn of its flight pattern. Having a second player join in will make it easier but it is possible solo.

  • [011] Master Sniper:

Defeat all of the Zus during the Shoot the Monsters! minigame. This is easier if you select the "Accurate But Light Damage" option, learn of where the Zus are going to appear and have a second player join in with a second remote.

  • [012] Go-Getter Gunner:

Shoot down at least 40 Zus during the Shoot the Monsters! minigame. Shoot down at least 60 for the Gold Medal.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Zu means "fire" in the Sumerian language. Anzû, before misread as Zû, is a lesser divinity or monster in several Mesopotamian religions. He was conceived by the pure waters of the Apsu and the wide Earth, or as son of Siris. Anzû was seen as a massive bird who can breathe fire and water, although Anzû is alternately seen as a lion-headed eagle (like a reverse griffin).

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