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Normal: "One of Spira's largest flying beasts. It beats its tremendous wings to send shock waves crashing into enemies. It's been known to carry Shoopufs off in its mighty talons."
Oversoul: "Flaps its wings with greater force now that it's Oversouled. So much force, in fact, that one flap will send your Phoenix Downs flying!"


Zu is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It is one of Spira's largest flying fiends. They have been known to carry Shoopufs off in their talons, though this has only been stated, as none have been seen doing this. With their tremendous wings they are known to send shock waves crashing into their enemies.

In battle, it is recommended to try and cast Protect as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage it can do. It is not too terribly difficult to defeat normally, but in Oversoul, it becomes a large threat as it can take away up to 75% of a character's max HP with its Chicken Wing Lv3. It is recommended at this time to keep everyone's HP at max and continue to hammer away at the fiend with the best hard hitting attacks available. They will always appear solo.

Sphere Break

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