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The First Promise of Tuliyollal, Zoraal Ja serves as the commander of the Landsguard, the redoubtable warriors who preserve the nation's peace. His martial prowess is rumored to rival even that of the Dawnservant, with many regarding him as the foremost candidate in the rite of succession.

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Zoraal Ja [zoˈrɑːl ˌdʒɑː] is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a Mamool Ja, son of Gulool Ja Ja, and eldest sibling of Wuk Lamat and Koana. He is the "First Promise of Tuliyollal", and one of the contestants to the throne of Tuliyollal in Tural. He appears as one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.


Before Dawntrail[]

Zoraal Ja is the trueborn son of Gulool Ja Ja. His birth was considered a miracle, since it was believed two-headed Mamool Ja cannot sire children. He came to be known as "The Resilient Son". As the trueborn son of the ruler of Tuliyollal, Zoraal Ja felt immense pressure to find acceptance. He had two adopted siblings, the Xb'raal Wuk Lamat and the Hhetsarro Koana, but he never got along with either of them.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

Gulool Ja Ja selected his three children, as well as the champion of Mamook, Bakool Ja Ja, as participants for the rite of succession for the throne of Tuliyollal. Wuk Lamat was adamant Zoraal Ja cannot win and recruited the Warrior of Light to help her. Zoraal Ja intended to lead Tuliyollal's armies into a campaign of conquest should he win, seeing the opportunity with the collapse of the Garlean Empire. While the contestants were encouraged to recruit help from across the world, Zoraal Ja only had one companion: the palace seer Sareel Ja.

As the rite of succession began, Zoraal Ja completed three of the rites with relative ease. He even captured a golden alpaca and recruited an artisan for the Moblins and put Bakool Ja Ja to his place when he tried to steal the artisan.

After Zoraal Ja climbed Worqor Zormor and completed the fourth rite, Bakool Ja Ja released Valigarmanda. While Wuk Lamat's and Koana's companions were willing to take care of the monster, Sareel Ja convinced Zoraal Ja to ignore the danger and take an advantage. Zoraal Ja decided to join his siblings, but asserted this did not change his ambitions, he just could not allow Valigarmanda to wreak havoc. With the combined might of the companions, Valigarmanda was defeated for good.

Continuing the contest, Zoraal Ja was paired with Bakool Ja Ja to replicate xibruq pibil, a dish Gulool Ja Ja inspired when he ended the conflict between the Xb'raal and Mamool Ja in Yak T'el. While Wuk Lamat and Koana succeeded with flying colors, Zoraal Ja and Bakool Ja Ja failed since their dish was missing a key ingredient. Krile Maya Baldesion (who had accompanied Wuk Lamat and the Warrior of Light) sensed Zoraal Ja's anger with the Echo, which was pitch black, harboring dark thoughts against his siblings. Despite this setback, Zoraal Ja proceeded to the next fete in Mamook, which was to fight an illusion of Gulool Ja Ja when he was at his prime. He fought the illusion alone and was summarily defeated. The elector of Mamook, Zareel Ja, reprimanded Zoraal Ja for not relying on his companion. Zoraal Ja then tried to take the keystone by force, attacking the elector directly. As result, Zareel Ja and disqualified Zoraal Ja.

After Wuk Lamat won the rite and became the new Dawnservant along with Koana, Zoraal Ja and Sareel Ja ambushed Ketenramm and stole leftover keystones he had in his possession, allowing Zoraal Ja to locate the gate to the golden city. While Sareel Ja was most eager to open the gate, Zoraal Ja killed him and mockingly called him a useless tool, similarly like Sareel Ja had said earlier. He heard a voice calling out from the other side of the gate, offering him power to take over the world on one condition. Zoraal Ja accepted and the gate opened.

Zoraal Ja entered into another reflection of the Source and discovered the kingdom of Alexandria. The voice who called out was that of Sphene, the Endless Queen of Alexandria. Sphene required a source of living aether to maintain the existence of the Endless, the people of Alexandria, who were created as facsimiles from their memories extracted from their souls. The souls themselves were stored within electrope storage and distributed among the living by soul regulators. Zoraal Ja was augmented with a regulator and was made as the King of Resolve of Alexandria, while Sphene was named as the Queen of Reason, inspired by the heads Resolve and Reason of his father, Gulool Ja Ja.

By utilizing interdimensional fusion, Zoraal Ja attacked Xak Tural, and a portion of it became part of Alexandria, covered within a barrier, where lightning energy was abundant. Due to time disparity between reflections, thirty years had passed within a matter of days inside the barrier. At some point in this time, Zoraal Ja sired a son, Gulool Ja, but he abandoned him.

Zoraal Ja launched an assault on Tuliyollal with flying ships and automated soldiers and proceeded to Sunperch to challenge his father. He was surprised that Gulool Ja Ja still lived, even though his head of reason had already passed away; to him, it had been thirty years since he saw his father although it had only been days for Gulool Ja Ja. Gulool Ja Ja ordered Wuk Lamat and her companions to not intervene, while he fought his son. Gulool Ja Ja dealt a mortal blow to Zoraal Ja, but thanks to his soul regulator, Zoraal Ja was revived and the regulator empowered him, allowing him to best his father and deal him a mortal wound. Unable to defeat Zoraal Ja now, the others watched in horror. Zoraal Ja halted the attack and challenged Wuk Lamat to lay siege to his kingdom and prove she had what it took to be the Dawnservant. He retreated, but left a portion of his fleet over Tuliyollal to resume the attack when ordered, should Wuk Lamat fail to meet the challenge.



Zoraal Ja is a single-headed male Mamool Ja. He is adorned with golden filigree and colorful ropes as well as feathers. Uniquely, he is a Hoobigo Mamool Ja with the azure scales of a Boonewa.


At first, Zoraal Ja appears stoic, reserved, taciturn and focused on protecting his homeland. Though Zoraal Ja is praised for his talents and leadership, creating a sense of loyalty by those who serve under him, he keeps everyone at arm's length, family included. When meeting with Wuk Lamat before the trials, he barely acknowledged her, saddening Wuk Lamat that her elder brother treats her like a stranger. Even in their youth, Zoraal Ja would never share any of his inner and personal thoughts with his adoptive siblings. Nonetheless, many of the people in Tural do not doubt that Zoraal Ja loves his homeland and people greatly.

In truth, Zoraal Ja is ruthlessly ambitious in ensuring he becomes the next Dawnservant and in enforcing his vision of peace, whatever the cost. He seeks to bring all of the world under his control through war to show the people the folly of war, so that they would grow tired of it and long for everlasting peace. Zoraal Ja's ambition is motivated to justify all the expectations that had been placed upon him all his life, from his family to the people. This led him to become obsessed with becoming the next Dawnservant while forgoing anything that Zoraal Ja considered distracting, such as friendship, ultimately leaving him isolated and cold. His talents and the praise he received gave Zoraal Ja a swollen ego and a strong sense of pride, seeing others as tools for his ambitions because of how quickly they threw themselves at his feet and viewing challenges with cold disdain. This becomes a factor in his downfall as he never expected the Warrior of Light and Wuk Lamat to rally Turalli people to fight his superior forces and lead them to victory, being inspired to weather any hardship. In this, Zoraal Ja showed how little he knew about the inner strength of his own people and that he doesn't truly care about becoming Dawnservant for their sake, only wanting to claim the throne for himself, believing it to be his destiny.

His fixation on cultivating strength to prove himself the miracle he was said to be gives him overwhelming ambition and an unwillingness to see eye to eye with others. Tragically, this makes him the worst candidate to become Dawnservant and the only one the Warrior of Light was told to prevent a chance at the throne, as even the vainglorious Bakool Ja Ja is more capable of compromise and admitting to error. His collaborator, Sphene, slowly grows to despise Zoraal Ja due to his obsession on growing his own strength at the cost of everything else, which led to Zoraal Ja neglecting her people of Alexandria. Further, its been noted that Zoraal Ja bears a crippling lack of forethought in his plans for conquest. Instead of realizing the logistics and understanding his own limits, Zoraal Ja fully believes his own strength and the might of his forces would be enough to conquer Tural and the rest of the world. Wuk Lamat points out the obvious flaws in his plans as Tural doesn't possess ships to enact his conquest, due to Tural having no deep water ports and being surrounded by reefs, nor does he have any actual strategies to ensure his conquest succeeds.

The others acknowledge in hindsight that Zoraal Ja's prestigious position and talents created the enormous pressure on him to succeed and be worthy of his illustrious father's name. Being Gulool Ja Ja's blood heir and the First Promise only intensified this pressure, as did the envy of his siblings for his many talents. Wuk Lamat and Koana wonder if Zoraal Ja could have been dissuaded from his bloody path had they realized what he had been experiencing and helped share his burden, but it is unknown if Zoraal Ja was ever willing to reveal such insecurities to them.

Being disqualified as a claimant sends him over the edge as he again tries to prove himself the only one worthy of the throne, leading him to enact decisions that enter into being immoral and treacherous. His worst acts to become Dawnservant include invading his homeland, murdering his father, attempting to usurp Wuk Lamat and, when he becomes cornered, using his own son, Gulool Ja, as a shield to ensure his own escape, coldly discarding him once he has served his purpose. These acts quickly turn Zoraal Ja from being the respected and admired First Promise to being a hated patricidal traitor in the eyes of Turalli. Wuk Lamat and the others finally accept that Zoraal Ja was beyond saving as his refusal to abandon his cause would mean that all of his efforts would be for nothing and that he had failed to meet the expectations placed upon him, leading the heroes to defeat Zoraal Ja before he could bring any more conflict to Tural.

When brought low by the Warrior and Wuk Lamat, Zoraal Ja shows no regret over his actions, only lamenting in failing to meet the expectations placed upon him. When confronted by his son in his final moments, Zoraal Ja does not presume to call him his own, only admitting that he could not be a father to him after feeling spurned by his own. In Zoraal Ja's mind, his father left him with nothing, no legacy to follow. Wuk Lamat admonishes Zoraal Ja, stating his father left him a family.


During the main scenario of Dawntrail, Zoraal Ja is a Duty Support NPC for Worqor Lar Dor Worqor Lar Dor, serving as a Viper.

He is the boss encounter of Everkeep Everkeep and its Extreme mode.


Zoraal Ja is named after Percipient Zoraal Ja from Final Fantasy XI, a Mamool Ja warrior marked as a Notorious Monster by the Empire of Aht Urhgan.