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The Zone Eater's Belly is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It is a secret dungeon that can only be accessed by allowing a Zone Eater on Triangle Island to swallow the entire party. It contains many rare treasures and is the home of the optional character, Gogo.

The belly itself is a series of traps which must be traversed if Gogo is to be reached. The first level is a group of bridges spanning a massive gorge, patrolled by mysterious figures in green. The player must leap between bridges while avoiding the figures or else be knocked off and begin again. The next area has a collapsing ceiling; the party must take shelter in a handful of safe areas to avoid getting crushed, running to the next area when the ceiling rises.

The final area is a series of collapsed bridges connected by treasure chests on stalagmites, which the party must hop on to cross. A door in this area leads to Gogo's room, while a beam of light in the very first room warps the player back to the world map. Even if Gogo is recruited, the player can return to the dungeon at any time by allowing the party to be swallowed again.

Items Edit

FFVI Zone Eater's Belly inside iOS

The inside of the Zone Eater.

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Musical themes Edit

"Gogo" from Final Fantasy VI

"Gogo" is the background theme that plays inside the Zone Eater. It is the theme of the dungeon, as well as Gogo's theme.

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