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An Esper of unknown origin. Makes a Shell to protect the party.

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Zona Seeker, also known as Zoneseek, is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite.


The Zona Seeker is a brown, red and black creature which floats. Its body is mostly skeletal and has no legs, while it appears to also wear a cape.


The Zona Seeker shows up occasionally on offer in the Auction House in Jidoor. It can be purchased for 10,000 gil.


Final Fantasy VI Advance Esper - Zona Seeker

Final Fantasy VI Advance Esper - Zona Seeker

Zona Seeker

The Zona Seeker costs MP to summon, and casts a spell called Magic Shield (originally known as Wall). This casts Shell on everyone in the party, allowing them to resist magic damage.


Zona Seeker is equippable as a magicite, and teaches the following abilities:

At Level Up, it provides a +2 boost to Magic.


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