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Zomok is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII fought in "Born from Chaos" side quest and in Luxerion's Forsaken Graveyard during the night. Its monster notes can be bought from the Warren.

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Zomok uses wind attacks, such as Storm Front. If Lightning is within its reach, it will use physical attacks, such as Tail Pummel. It is weak to lightning magic. It can be staggered with magic attacks and then easily defeated by striking the head with physical attacks.

When Zomok uses Stampede, if the player perfectly guards they can strike the head with physical attacks to knock it down. An Imperiled Zomok is launched with bouts of Thundaga, giving some strategic advantage.

The drop rate for Aero Blitz increases significantly by cutting off its tail. The quickest way to do so is to use Heavy Slash right after its Tail Pummel.

Strategy Edit

A useful strategy to quickly stagger Zomok is to guard the initial Storm Front attack while approaching the beast, then attack with Beat Down or Heavy Slash as the dragon returns to its normal stance. The Zomok will be knocked down and unable to retaliate. Keeping distance from Zomok mitigates damage from Storm Front and Heavenly Storm. A Stormbane Pendant halves these attacks, and an ordinary Guard blocks the damage resulting in a slow but pain-free kill.

Like the Zaltys, Lightning can deal extra damage to the Zomok by cutting its tail off. The tail can be severed by guarding against the first Tail Pummel and following up with a powerful ability, such as Beat Down Finale with the Locket Pendant equipped before the second tail attack. During this time Lightning will deal extra damage by being behind the Zomok, and a Swift Rapier with Blindside may increase damage although these are generally weak physically. As the world's end draws nearer, this tactic is harder to pull off as the tail has more health. Successive counters of Tail Pummel with Guard → Heavy Slash or Artemis Arrows will eventually sever the tail. The player must keep their guard up after the attack if it was not strong enough to take the tail out.

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Conditional Changes
  • The head body part takes 150% damage from physical attacks.

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In Hungarian mythology, Zomok is a giant winged snake. It often serves as flying mount of the garabonciás (a kind of magician).

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