Zolokalter, referred to as Zolkalter in the BradyGames guide, is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It is encountered on Gaea's Cliff and in the sixth round of the Battle Square after the player acquires the Highwind and Cloud Strife rejoins the party. When fought on the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Formations[edit | edit source]

# Formation
702 Zolokalter A, Zolokalter B
703 Row 1: Headbomber A, Headbomber B
Row 2: Zolokalter
706 Headbomber A, Zolokalter, Headbomber B
707 Row 1: Zolokalter A, Zolokalter B
Row 2: Zolokalter C, Zolokalter D

Locations[edit | edit source]

Gaea's Cliff
First Ascent 702, 703
Archway Cave 706, 707
Boulder Cave 706, 707
Second Ascent 702, 703
Water Level Cave 706, 707
Third Ascent 702, 703
Mountain Paths 702, 703
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group B - Battle 6 706

Battle[edit | edit source]

Zolokalter's battle AI is unusual in that after being physically struck, it will use Toxic Barf on any unit on the battlefield, including its allies. This can be useful in eliminating them, if the player can manipulate its victims. It will also use its Bite attack on any poisoned unit, including its allies and itself. Since Toxic Barf is certain to cause Poison and Slow, it will destroy its own party as a result.

It can be defeated with physical attacks or magic, aside from Bio attacks, which the Zolokalter absorbs. Enemy Skills such as Aqualung will destroy large groups of them.

AI script[edit | edit source]


If (At Least One Battle Object has Poison Status) Then
Choose Battle Object with Poison Status
Use <Bite> on Target
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use Toxic Barf on Target

} AI: Counter - Physical {

Choose Random Battle Object (incl. Dead)
If (Target is Self) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use Toxic Barf on Target


Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Its name is likely formed from multiple words being merged as with a number of other enemies from Final Fantasy VII. There are few obvious clues to the words it derived from, but the ター (?) may derive from "eater" (イーター, īta?), as also used in Whole Eater. カル (karu?) may derive from "skull" (スカル, sukaru?) and (zo?) may derive from "zombie" (ゾンビ, zonbi?) (although the enemy is not undead).

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