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It's another night of monster mayhem! Blood sport fans! You wanna see a fight!? Give it up for our challenger, Lightning! Show us what ya got!

Zoe, the Slaughterhouse owner

Slaughterhouse Zoe is a minor non-playable character from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. She owns and runs the Slaughterhouse in the city of Yusnaan in Nova Chrysalia.

Speaking to her between 7PM and 3AM will allow Lightning to enter Slaughterhouse tournaments, though this takes up 10 minutes of her time. If Lightning speaks to Zoe outside of these hours, she will tell Lightning to come back later on if she wishes to participate in a battle.


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When Lightning first arrives at the Slaughterhouse, Zoe explains to her what the Slaughterhouse is and how battles operate. The more battles that Lightning participates in and wins, the more Zoe respects her, calling her the "Goddess' Champion" and frequently mentioning how she'd happily let Lightning fight any time.

As part of the side quest "The Fighting Actress", Lightning goes to Zoe to get a dress for the production of the show The Song of the Savior. Zoe proposes that Lightning fight three battles, following which she'll give her the dress, if Lightning wins with style. After winning all three rounds, Zoe gives Lightning the Midnight Mauve gown, revealing that she herself once played the role of the savior in the production and is confident that Lightning will excel in the role as well.

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