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Allow me to introduce the man behind the mask. I present to you the commander of the Stone Torches, my eldest son, Zirnberk!

Fygreiss introducing Zirnberk

Zirnberkis a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is an antagonist in the level 50-60 blue mage questline and the eldest son of Fyrgeiss Loetkilbsyn.

Zirnberk is the commander of the Stone Torches who serve as Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern's private security force. He fights under the name Siegfried in the colosseum garnering attention from many fans.


Zirnberk after his victory against Ultros.

Zirnberk fights against Ultros in the Celestium and wins, making his Masked Carnivale debut, after the battle is over he challenges Martyn to a duel. Following the bout, he is introduced by his father, and meets those of the Blue Mage Guild with a proper greeting. His father then reveals how the Masked Carnivale will show the skills of the Stone Torches and bring in fresh recruits and gil, he says blue magic is just a bunch of parlor tricks and brushes it off.

Zirnberk along with his father and another Stone Torch are in the mines using voidsent to quell the hecatoncheir uprising and a few escape above ground. The three give chase only to find that those from the Blue Mage Guild slayed the beasts, After Fyrgeiss is questioned by Martyn and Royse, he states that the colosseum is his especially with how much he invested in it and threatens to drive the guild and Royse out of Eorzea. Martyn makes a wager on Royse's behalf that if he wins against Zirnberk the Celestium and the beasts in its employ will stay with Royse, and if he loses all of the Celestium's assets will go to Fyrgeiss.

Zirnberk in his magitek upgraded Siegfried armor.

As the Fight with Martyn begins, Zirnberk reveals to everyone present a full armament change, being outfitted with garlean magitek and an arm cannon. As the fight begins Martyn bombards him with some of his most powerful spells, knocking Zirnberk to his feet only to see that his enemy is an illusion. Zirnberk appears behind him and shoots his arm cannon at Martyn only for it to be blocked by Mighty Guard. After another six blasts from his cannon, Martyn falls to his feet and tells him to surrender. After a Self Destruct from Martyn fails to defeat Zirnberk, he realizes that it was only his magitek armor that saved him and for the sake of his honor requests a rematch against the Azuro the Second as Martyn is too injured to continue.

Zirnberk is defeated and admits to losing fair and square, and his father agrees to the terms within the wager.

During the Final Days, the Scions send out a call to their allies for assistance in obtaining the material needed for completing the starship Ragnarok, which can be found within the fragments of Dalamud. Zirnberk leads the Stone Torches in obtaining it from the fragments in Thanalan.



Zirnberk is a hellsguard roegadyn with white colored hair with black highlights and blue eyes. He wears a full set of Halone's Armor when first introduced and wields the Lockheart in battle. In his second appearance he wears Iron scale male and an Iron Spatha. In his final appearance he dresses up as Siegfried, a character in one of Eorzea's stories.


Zirnberk is a confident fighter and is somewhat impressed with blue mage spells. He doesn't believe Martyn to be a capable fighter and considers him to be a clown who should admit defeat. When he fights he believe a fair match is necessary for his honor as a swordsman.


Zirnberk appears in the Masked Carnivale event The Catch of the Siegfried being fought in three acts.



His name means "Furious Mountain" in the Roegadyn language.