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Ffxiii zippo

Final Fantasy XIII "l'Cie" Zippo lighter.

Zippo lighters are recurring pieces of Final Fantasy themed merchandise. Zippo lighters are refillable, metal lighters manufactured by Zippo Manufacturing Company. All Zippo lighters carry a limited lifetime guarantee and are the size of 5.5 x 4 x 1 cm.

The official Final Fantasy Zippo lighters are sought-after by collectors and are thus pricey. Many knockoffs and unofficial lighters are sold in places like eBay, but the official products come with certification of authenticity and are serial-numbered. Final Fantasy Zippo lighters have only been sold in Japan.

List of merchandiseEdit

Final FantasyEdit


As part of a Yoshitaka Amano series, a Zippo lighter with artwork of the Warrior of Light and Princess Sarah was released on August 31, 2016.[1]

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

The official Final Fantasy VII Zippo lighters are each limited to 3,000 pieces, and the individual serial numbers are carved on the back of the lighters along with the symbol seen on the background during the game's introductory credits. There are ten different Final Fantasy VII Zippo lighters, of which five are of lighter in color and the other five darker. The pale silver lighters have the character's name written on the lighter in black; in the darker lighters the character's name is in the lighter's base color.

The lighters were released at 1997 with retail price of 9,000 yen. Characters available are:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

The "Cloudy Wolf" Zippo depicts Cloud's Fenrir wolf emblem. It has the wolf's bust in the corner, and the emblem carved onto the lighter's surface. The lighter was released in 2005 and is limited to 3,000 pieces although there's no serial number to confirm its validity.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

The Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Zippo lighter is red with the Cerberus emblem in black embossed on the lighter's surface. The original retail price of the Zippo lighter was 11,550 yen. The lighter has a brass finish.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

The Final Fantasy VIII "Sleeping Lion Heart" Zippo lighter set with a lighter and a stand was limited to 3,000 pieces. The Griever emblem along with the words "Sleeping Lion Heart" are embossed on the lighter, and the stand features Squall Leonhart's Revolver gunblade.

Another Final Fantasy VIII Zippo has the SeeD organization's logo on the front of the lighter, and the ornamental wing design seen in the game's "The End" screen with text: Final Fantasy VIII. It includes a metallic container padded with blue material. This Zippo is extremely rare, with only 400 ever produced back in 1999.

Rinoa Heartilly and Squall Leonhart Zippo also exists, with their name, profile and text "FFVIII" carved on it, along with some text.

Final Fantasy XEdit

The official Jecht Zippo has the Zanarkand Abes logo embossed on the lighter, along with the following lines of text[sic]: Jecht, once a talented Blits-Ball player, becomes a legendary "guard" along with Braska later on.. The Zippo was limited to 3,000 pieces and its original retail price was 11,000 yen.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

The Final Fantasy X-2 "Yuna" Zippo Lighter represents the Gullwings with the wing of a seagull embossed on the lighter. The chain is made of .925 silver, and the Zippo of polished steel. The Zippo is limited to 3,000 pieces and its original retail price was 15,000 yen.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The official Final Fantasy XII "Judge" Zippo has the seal of the Archadian Empire embossed on it. It's made of polished steel and its original recommended retail price was 12,000 yen.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Final Fantasy XIII "l'Cie" Zippo.

The Final Fantasy XIII "l'Cie" Zippo has the Pulse fal'Cie's symbol on it, the same that the fal'Cie's l'Cie are marked with in the game. Its original retail price was 13,650 yen.

Vagrant StoryEdit


Vagrant Story Zippo

The Vagrant Story zippo has a strap. The original retail price was 15,000 yen.[2][3] It depicts the Blood-Sin, the inverted form of the Kildean Rood. In its Kildean form it was a tattoo on the priestess Müllenkamp. The inverted form is used by Sydney Losstarot, who has it tattooed on his back. The Iocus priesthood used the rood as their holy symbol. During the inquisitions led by the priesthood, they would brand heretics with the rood turned inverse (the "blade" facing down), and this symbol came to be known as the Blood-Sin. Even after the destruction of Lea Monde, Mullenkamp's legacy lived on in the form of the "Key" to Lea Monde's power, granting control over the Dark. The Blood-Sin was the physical symbol of this key.


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