Ziggurat is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Chapter 15 the Fociaugh Hollow maze and the Trembling Killers Hunt.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Noted for its sadistic nature, this humanoid daemon first emits sound waves to stop potential prey in their tracks before slicing them up with its sickle-like arms. Hunters have vowed revenge on this beast for vanquishing their brethren, but none have seen success.
Size: 11.51 ft. Weight: 1,910.7 lb.
A daemon that was sealed deep beneath the earth. While its menacing nature is no different from that of gargoyles dwelling above ground, the ziggurat lacks the strength of its superterranean counterparts. This can be attributed both to its closed-off environment and the lack of opponents against which it could sharpen its skills.
Size: 11.48 ft. Weight: 1,907.8 lb.

Hunt[edit | edit source]

Trembling KillersLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine (Chapter 15)1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Ziggurat x5Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)5716,480 gil, Safety Bit★★★★

Stats[edit | edit source]

The official guide doesn't list the correct stats for this enemy.



Battle[edit | edit source]

Ziggurats are weak to polearms, shields, lightning and light. They swipe at those near them with their claws (phased through with the defense button) and lunge forward with force (can be block/parried). They use the spikes extending from their forearms to slice into the ground in front of them to leave glowing charges on the battlefield that detonate and knock those in their vicinity back. Ziggurats can inflict Stop.

When fought in the hunt, the ziggurats spawn at the bottom of a crater whose rocks act as point-warp points.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ignis's Enhancement can bestow the lightning element onto Noctis's weapon. Lightning elemancy can damage all of them at once, and the variants that hit multiple times with Quadcast and Quintcast are especially good. The player can first gather the ziggurats with Prompto's Gravisphere before using lightning magic when they are grouped . When fought as a hunt, the player can also freeze the ziggurats in place with Blizzard elemancy, preventing them from attacking until the water of the crater thaws (but the ziggurats need to be touching the water when the player casts it). The player can also equip the Ring of the Lucii and be on the defense to continually use Holy.

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