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A fortress built during the Fifty Years' War to prevent a Romandan invasion from across the Rhana Strait.


Ziekden Fortress (ジークデン砦, Jīkuden-toride?, lit. Fort Jikuden), also known as Fort Zeakden, is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics. It was built during the Fifty Years' War against Romanda. It is located east of Eagrose Castle.


The Battle of Ziekden Fortress[]

Tietra's death.

Following the defeat of the Corpse Brigade forces at the Brigands' Den, a Corpse Brigade captain named Gragoroth Levigne made a failed assassination attempt on Dycedarg Beoulve, during which Tietra Heiral was taken captive. She was brought to the windmill hut in the plains near the fort, and held by Wiegraf Folles, leader of the Corpse Brigade, as a prisoner.

Immediately, Dycedarg's brother Zalbaag and Argath Thadalfus began planning a retaliatory attack on the fort, known as the Battle of Ziekden Fortress, but Tietra's brother Delita knew that such an attack would likely result in his sister's death, and convinced Ramza Beoulve to attempt a rescue from the south.

Ramza, Delita, and the other young troops confront Argath's brigade.

The rescue attempt did not go as planned. At Lenalian Plateau, Ramza and Delita encountered and defeated a Corpse Brigade force led by Milleuda Folles. Milleuda herself was killed, and word of this reached Wiegraf's ears. This infuriated Wiegraf, as Milleuda was his sister. Wiegraf had Tietra taken to Ziekden Fortress, placing her directly in the path of Zalbaag and Argath's advance. Ramza and Delita battled their way past Wiegraf's own forces and reached the fort, arriving to see Zalbaag and Argath, the latter of which was armed with a crossbow, confronting Gragoroth, who was holding Tietra captive. As they rushed forward, Argath did the unthinkable: he deliberately shot Tietra. He then immediately fired a second shot which hit Gragoroth. Wounded, the Corpse Brigade soldier crawled back inside as Tietra collapsed.

Delita's anger against Argath boiled over. As Zalbaag left to pursue Wiegraf, Delita surged forward against Argath, and Ramza, disillusioned, joined suit. Argath was slain in the resulting battle, but as Delita returned to Tietra's body, Gragoroth ignited explosives with the fort. Tietra, using the last of her strength, shielded Delita from the resulting explosion. The fort itself was destroyed, and Ramza fled.

Battle information[]

Ziekden Fortress[]

Ziekden Fortress
Front view:
Fort Zeakden 1.png
Back view:
Fort Zeakden 3.png
Side view:
Fort Zeakden 2.png
Back side view:
Fort Zeakden 4.png
Overhead grid:
Fort Zeakden OH.png
Additional info -Since this is the last battle with Delita as an ally, the player is advised to remove any equipment which they want to keep. In the PSP port, Delita will drop his equipment and the player will have it all back in Chapter 2.
-Tietra cannot be revived.
-One-time battle.
Conditions Defeat Argath.
Weather Day, light snow (no special effects)
Enemy level 7 - 10 Recommended level 10 - 12
Team capacity Team 1: 1 + Ramza
Team 2: 2
Number of teams 2
Battle Trophies None Hidden items
Terrain Bridge, Wooden Floor, Snow Geomancy Wind Slash, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Snowstorm

Argath has the Auto-Potion ability, and so can use a Potion to regain 30 HP when hit. He is also equipped with a Crossbow, which allows him to attack from a distance.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Ziekden Fortress.png
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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