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Zhijie is a supporting character in the Episode INTERmission DLC introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. He is a prominent member of an Avalanche HQ branch monitoring the Sector 7 slums and Barret Wallace's Avalanche splinter cell. He acts as the point of contact between the new Wutai government and Avalanche HQ, also guiding Yuffie Kisaragi upon her arrival in Midgar.


Zhijie was born in Wutai.[note 1] At some point, he moved to Midgar and joined Avalanche.

Zhijie agreed for Avalanche HQ to help Yuffie Kisaragi and Sonon Kusakabe on their mission to infiltrate Midgar and steal the "ultimate materia" from the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Zhijie introduces himself to Yuffie.

In "Wutai's Finest", Zhijie, with a moogle hood in hand, introduced himself to Yuffie as Scarlet, the head of Shinra's weapons development, talked about the Mako Reactor 5 bombing on the news. He guided Yuffie through the Sector 7 slums and to their base at the Sector 7 Clinic. On the way, she asked why he didn't meet her when she arrived in the slums, but he figured an elite "W" like herself could find her way, "W" being code for Wutai. Once inside, Zhijie introduced Yuffie to his colleagues Billy Bob, Polk, and Nayo, and pocketed the Da-chao bean she handed him. He told Yuffie to wait for Sonon, denied her request for accompaniment because she "reeked of trouble", and left to pick-up the counterfeited Shinra employee IDs for Yuffie and Sonon's mission.[1]

Zhijie allows himself to be arrested for Yuffie and Sonon's benefit.

Zhijie informed Yuffie and Sonon their was a change of plans, directing them to hurriedly meet him at the pillar.[2] He was accosted by Shinra officers, distracted them by pointing out a moogle, and booked it while Yuffie and Sonon followed after him. He stopped before an old factory and gestured to be cuffed, countering the officers' efforts and running off again.[3] Zhijie outran the tailing officers, taunting them as he slowed their pursuit and outmaneuvered them. As more officers chased him toward the pillar maintenance, he left a note for Yuffie and Sonon detailing the path to reach him and encouraging they "screw over" Shinra by breaking their storage boxes.[4] Elite officers cornered him at main pillar maintenance, cuffing then roughly interrogating him as he lied about getting information from Heidegger, Rufus Shinra, and Hojo, stalling for Yuffie and Sonon. Sonon freed him while Yuffie created a flashy diversion. Zhijie ran to cover as the ninjas battled the Gigantipede.[5]

Zhijie gives Yuffie and Sonon their fake Shinra employee IDs.

After the Gigantipede's destruction, an impressed Zhijie was grateful that Yuffie and Sonon saved him, gave them their counterfeited Shinra employee IDs, and directed them to the Shinra Building's basement where Advanced Weaponry and materia production was located. He encouraged them to get moving, informed them of Shinra's "big plans" to destroy Sector 7, and suggested they're better off leaving as soon as possible before leaving to report to the others. Zhijie wished them good luck, shook their hands, agreed to Sonon's invitation for post-mission drinks, and concurred with Yuffie's reminder to notify the splinter cell about Shinra's plans.[5]

After Shinra ransacked the clinic in the Sector 7 slums that Avalanche had been using as a base, Zhijie wasn't among the crowd at the train station, but presumably boarded the train out of Sector 7 with his Avalanche HQ colleagues.[6]



Zhijie is a young man with a slim build. He has lightly tan skin, short, parted black hair dyed blond, stubbly facial hair styled in a soul patch, and blue eyes. He wears a gray-green jacket over a black undershirt, a black silver-buckled leather belt, faded blue jeans, and black high-top sneakers. He wears a dog-tag necklace and a black wristband on his left arm.


Zhijie is street smart and keeps a smug grin while facing danger.

Zhijie is a smug, cool, shrewd, street smart, and quick-witted man who approaches his Wutaian heritage with ambiguity.[note 1] He possesses an impressive knowledge of Midgar, smoothly maneuvering the slums,[1] recognizing the Shinra leaders, and knowing the layout of the Shinra Building.[5] He maintains his composure and keeps a confident smirk in the face of danger, using his wits to slide out of trouble[3] and stall.[5] He taunts the opposition, as shown when he makes sarcastic remarks and gestures to pursuing Shinra officers.[4]

Zhijie is close with his Avalanche HQ colleagues, sharing a dislike for Shinra and actively working to end their reign through nonviolent methods, though he's somewhat less lenient than some of the others. He befriends Yuffie and Sonon during their mission, forming a bond with the latter.[5][note 2]


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  2. Before parting ways, Zhijie gives Sonon a special handshake and Sonon invites him for drinks, promising to show him how "Wutaians really party".