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Zhakal on the Pureland map.

Zhakal (ザカリオン, Zakarion?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III. The snowy town of Zhakal located to the north of Darius, here lies Xcalibr awaiting to be drawn by special girl. The town is populated by beasts, except for one family of humans.


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Arthur meets Masa in one of the houses in town, he tells him that its useless to try to draw Xcalibr since it can only be drawn by a special girl. Arthur tells him that Faye is the one, he tells him to come back if she indeed succeeds. Arthur has Faye draw the Xcalibr, and they return to Masa who boards the Talon2 after seeing the sword.

One of the citizen inform Arthur that Dion said he must come to Porle once he gets the Pass.

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Name Cost
FFLIII CurativeCure1 50 G
FFLIII CurativeCure2 150 G
FFLIII CurativeCure3 300 G
FFLIII CurativeMagic 1500 G
FFLIII TentTent 2000 G
FFLIII CurativeElixir 3500 G


  • FFLIII CurativeElixir
  • FFLIII StoneLight
  • FFLIII Mystic SwordXcalibr


  • There is a trio of adventurers who makes a cameo: mother, father, and son, looking for the Lost Ark. In the epilogue of Final Fantasy Legend II, the hero and his family leaves to search for said Lost Ark.
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