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Attacks the entire party with El Niño.

Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Zeveak, also known as Parasoul, is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Its special attack, Whirling Umbrella, inflicts Confuse on its target so it can be dangerous, especially because it shows up with Faces and Necromancers. Necromancers cast very powerful magic when left alone, so the Zeveaks should be killed last when encountered with Necromancers.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm. (Normal) Back Surr. (Surrounded) Side
338 Face, Zeveak, Necromancer x2 Y Y Y Y Sides, individual Battle 5

AI script Edit

If monster is by itself: Attack (33%) or El Niño (66%)

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Whirling Umbrella (33%) or Nothing (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Flash Rain (66%)

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Etymology Edit

Zeveak is a demon described in The Key of Solomon. Not much is know about him, other than being a demon of the moon.

Zeveak was translated as Parasoul in the original release of the game. Parasoul is meant to sound like "parasol" referring to the enemy's appearance, but can also be a combination of the prefix "para-" with the word "soul".

"Para-" a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, most often attached to verbs and verbal derivatives with the meanings "at or to one side of, beside, side by side" (parabola; paragraph; parallel; paralysis), or "beyond, past, by" (paradox; paragogue). By extension "para-" came to designate objects or activities auxiliary to or derivative of that denoted by the base word, and hence abnormal or defective.

The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.

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