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In the distant past, the Great Condemner, too, sought such power, and was stricken down by the gods. Even now, his spirit is bound within the Stilshrine of Miriam. Know the fate of those who have fallen in their search for strength.

Acolyte, Mt Bur-Omisace

Zeromus is an optional Esper boss in Final Fantasy XII fought in the Stilshrine of Miriam. He shares his name with the final boss of Final Fantasy IV, and both bosses' signature attack is Big Bang. He bears physical similarities to the original Japanese design for Zeromus in Final Fantasy IV, later used in Zeromus EG, such as the large shell, his tail, and his clawed arm.

Zeromus is also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 81 along with two Dark Lords, where an Elixir and a Circlet can sometimes be stolen from it.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Honoring the law more than any other, a scion of holy order and condemner of criminals. Created in opposition to Knight-Star Pashtarot, scion of light. He turns his deep, abiding hatred for those who break the law into living darkness, therein to plunge the guilty in fell judgment. Over time, he came to care less for upholding the law and more for condemnation, and so tainted by hate, he sought to condemn the gods themselves to death. Thus, did he earn the title "The Condemner", and thus did he fall from grace.


AI script[]

HastegaUse all battle (5%)
SlowgaUse all battle (5%)
StopUse all battle (5%)
GravityUse all battle (25%)
Piercing GravigaHP <80% (100%)
80% > HP > 50% after each next 8 commands (100%)
HP < 50% after each next 6 commands (100%)
Greater Barrier*(Bestows Reduce Damage augment)HP <50%; use once (100%)
Magick CT0When HP <20%
Attack CT0When HP <20%

How to find[]

To get to the Throne of Veiled Gods, the party will have to use the Stone of the Condemner obtained from the Acolyte on Mt Bur-Omisace the Temple Grounds after defeating Judge Bergan. The Stone of Condemner can be used at the Way Stone upon entering the Stilshrine, now flanked by Nightwalkers and Reaper Mages.


This can be a difficult battle. During the battle the Magicks command is sealed. Zeromus is flanked by eight to ten Dark Lords. Zeromus casts Piercing Graviga, which can easily defeat characters, and uses time spells: Slow and Stop on the party, and Hastega on himself and the Dark Lords. Zeromus has high HP and uses Great Barrier when he drops to 50% health.


It is probably best not to attempt this Esper until after the Giruvegan plot event, to access better armor, weaponry, and items. Since magick is sealed items will be important, including X-Potions. Power Armlet and Bubble Belt accessories and items that protect against Slow are useful.

It is essential to buff the party before the battle, but casting Bubble is not encouraged since this will increase Zeromus's Piercing Gravija damage (however, constant Bubble status through the Bubble Belt is alright). Reflect is a useful status here, protecting against Zeromus's Slow and Stop spells.

The Pheasant Netsuke makes healing items more powerful and combined with all the Phoenix Down augments, a Phoenix Down can recover a KO'd character back to full health. Revive-item gambits are essential because Piercing Graviga will often defeat characters. Because as many as 20–30 Dark Lords can spawn in this area, finishing the battle quickly is important.

If the party uses many Quickenings at the start of the battle, Zeromus can be defeated rapidly at a relatively low level. If all characters have Mist Charges, four Quickening chains can be used at the start of the battle by swapping characters out; MP-restoring items allow more chains to be initiated. The player can set the battle speed all the way down to maximize a Quickening strategy, as items and Quickenings have no Charge Time, but it slows the Dark Lords and Zeromus.

With the combination of the party member who gained access to the Remedy Lore 3 and Nihopalaoa, and by setting the gambit to target only the foe with highest max HP to the team's powerhouse, the player can keep the Dark Lords from spawning since they have no immunity to Sleep and Stop and focus the attack only on Zeromus. This tactic could finish him off quickly if the party has a high level and is armed with top-notch equipment.


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