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Zero / BUMP OF CHICKEN is a single released in 2011. It contains "Zero", the song from Final Fantasy Type-0, written by Motoo Fujiwara and performed by Bump of Chicken.

The limited edition comes with a music video of the game stored on a separated bonus DVD.

Content Edit

Audio CD Edit

  1. "Zero" (6:55)
    The theme song.
  2. "Smile" (8:26)
  3. "Zero "Final Fantasy 0-Type" Opening ver." (2:58)
    The acoustic version of "Zero", played in the opening scene of the game.
  4. "Fresh" (3:29)
    Vegetable Kingdom's Legend theme.

Bonus DVD Edit

  1. Zero "Final Fantasy 0-Type" Special Edition MV (7:18)
  2. Zero "Final Fantasy 0-Type" Opening ver. Digest MV

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