Encounters[edit | edit source]

Let us embrace violence together!

Give me something to remember!

I have no interest in beasts who only howl.

It is a delicate dance...

Are you worthy of my blade?

I pray this battle doesn't disappoint me.

Encounters: Story Specific[edit | edit source]

May your flame burn bright — Vs. Ifrit

You are nothing but fodder for my blade - Vs. Shiva

I have no need of words... Only strength  - Vs. Ramuh

Your cowardice is unbecoming - Vs. Odin

Yes... This is the perfect hunting ground - Vs. Leviathan

Even a living fortress is no match for me - Vs. Alexander

My might towers far above yours! - Vs. Bahamut

This dragon, too, shall be made to kneel! - Vs. Shinryu

Victory[edit | edit source]

I tower above the gods!

What an unexpectedly exciting hunt.

Truly an exhilarating battle...!

Defeat[edit | edit source]

The hunter has indeed become the hunted.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Burn! Burn it all! — Ifrit

Freeze the blood in their veins! - Shiva

Call bolts of lightning down on them!  - Ramuh

Cleave the flesh from their bones! - Odin

Drown them in your raging torrents! - Leviathan

Pass judgment on these savages!  - Alexander

Come! Join me in the hunt! - Bahamut

Chat Messages - Dissidia NT [edit | edit source]

Greeting[edit | edit source]

You will entertain me.

May we meet again.

You have promise.

Forgive me.

Very well.

I do not take orders.

Before/After [edit | edit source]

I must prepare for the hunt.

My hunt takes me elsewhere.

Our hunt continues.

I have a plan.

Show me a spectacle.

'Twas a marvelous dance.

It seems I underestimated you.

I won't do it again.

During[edit | edit source]

I claim it.

Let us summon together.

That one is mine.

I will dispense with your prey.

I tire of this rabble.

Let the hunt begin.

I will withdraw for now.

Something has changed...

Patience is paramount.

I am ready.


I've changed my mind.

The time is now.

Shall we finish off our prey?

So this is what it feels like to be the prey...!

Reclaim your honor.

Mayhap I shall test my blade.

Follow my lead.



Custom[edit | edit source]

I am loathe to expend effort on the unworthy. Come earn the honor.

Finally you prove yourself worthy prey for the hunt!

Only man has the wisdom and clarity to embrace violence for its own sake.

Before the Resonant the gods shall be made to kneel!

Oh... My. Have I said too much?

Together, we could while away the quiet hours, as friend and confidant... if you would accept me.

Come. 'Twas plain from the first how this would end.

This battle shall echo in eternity!

There is only joy. Transcendent joy that I have never known.


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