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Leader of the XIIth Legion and crown prince of the Garlean Empire, Zenos is possessed of but a single passion: to stand on the front lines, blade in hand, and dance with death. He regards friend and foe alike with contempt, and tales of his brutality against both have spread far and wide. While crushing the rebellion of yesteryear in Doma, he took a liking to Far Eastern katana, which have since become his weapons of choice.

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Zenos yae Galvus [ˈziː.noʊs] is one of the central antagonists of Final Fantasy XIV, being the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the secondary antagonist in the post-Shadowbringers main scenario, and the tertiary antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Zenos is both the son of the Emperor Varis zos Galvus, and the Legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion. In his capacity as Legatus, he serves as viceroy of the conquered imperial territories of Ala Mhigo and Doma, though he delegates the latter to Yotsuyu goe Brutus. Zenos is callous and bloodthirsty, and relishes in the thrill of battle, both striving to become as strong as possible and to find a rival who can match his prowess.


Early life[]

Zenos yae Galvus from The Hunt Begins from Chronicles of Light

14-year old Zenos from the Chronicles of Light short story The Hunt Begins.

Zenos was born to imperial crown prince Varis yae Galvus and his wife Carosa wir Galvus. He is the great-grandson of Emperor Solus zos Galvus, as well as great-nephew of Titus, and first cousin once removed of Nerva.

Zenos was brought up being taught all that an imperial heir was expected to learn, including book studies with tutors as well as combat. He spent little time with his father, Varis yae Galvus, and his mother Carosa sickened and died shortly after he was born. Varis and Zenos often went months without seeing each another, and to the youth his tutors and servants were little more than automatons. A bright but joyless child, he had little time or inclination for innocence or playfulness.

According to Chronicles of Light, an Ilsabardan swordsman tutored Zenos as part of his education, from whom he learned the Unyielding Blade technique. The swordsman actually sought the life of Zenos's father, as his family was being held hostage to ensure he would train Zenos. The swordsman attempted to kill the boy, when Zenos—using the Unyielding Blade technique along with a crystal to force himself to release aether to properly employ it—bested him and killed the man. This experience left Zenos bleak, wishing for someone worthy of his mettle to come into his life.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

FFXIV Zenos Katana Otaku

Zenos decides to switch from using a gunblade to katana.

During Gaius van Baelsar's time as imperial viceroy of Ala Mhigo, Zenos oversaw the subjugation of Doma. He became its regent after using his stratagems to corner the Doman Liberation Front while personally killing its strongest member, developing an interest in foreign blades. He met Yotsuyu goe Brutus who would become his Doman viceroy. He was impressed with her bitterness in spite of traditions, which limited her options to express it.

According to Chronicles of Light, the pair met while Yotsuyu was attempting to seduce him for secrets on his father's battle plans, which she would turn over to the then-viceroy of Doma. Zenos was unreceptive, and instead uncovered her true feelings on Doma, and repelled an assassination attempt in the brothel. Shortly thereafter the Garlean Empire crushed the Doman resistance under Lord Kaien, and Yotsuyu joined with Zenos.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

"Unknown"? My spies tell me the Domans call it "Shinryu," and that it proved a match for Omega. Yes...the coming days promise to be most interesting. Most interesting.


After Gaius's "demise" at the Praetorium, Zenos was named viceroy of Ala Mhigo. He named his spy, Yotsuyu, as Doma's acting viceroy so that her hatred towards her own people could break them. Zenos learned of the Echo from Gaius's reports, and recruited Aulus mal Asina due to being intrigued by his theories of a means for Garleans to use magick like the other races. During the (decoy) Griffin's speech to Ala Mhigan refugees at the Sunken Temple of Qarn, the firebrand described Zenos as "a beast not a fraction as merciful" as Gaius.

A footsoldier approached the viceroy on his throne in Ala Mhigo, informing that Baelsar's Wall had fallen to the Eorzean Alliance, asking whether they should divert some men to repairing the damage from the battle between Shinryu and Omega. The soldier retreated in fear when Zenos failed to reply.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

FFXIV Zenos Throne

Zenos on his throne in the Imperial headquarter in Ala Mhigo.

After being welcomed to Ala Mhigo Castle with the Garlean anthem played in his honor, Zenos learned of Grynewaht pyr Arvina's failure, which had led to losing a new series of Magitek automatons in an ambush orchestrated by Raubahn Aldynn and the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Zenos requested Grynewaht's removal from his legion for cowardice and executed Grynewaht's commanding officer for his incompetence. He listened to the plan Fordola rem Lupis formulated to bypass the barriers concealing Rhalgr's Reach and slaughter the rebels. Zenos oversaw the attack, overpowering Lyse Hext, critically wounding Y'shtola Rhul, and defeating the Warrior of Light with ease. Losing one of his swords while defeating the Warrior, Zenos left disappointed in his opponent as the Alliance arrived to aid the rebels.

FFXIV Zenos Katana

Zenos with his new katana.

Word reached Zenos of the Confederacy's attack on Isari. He traveled to Doma Castle and received the Kojin sword, Ame-no-Habakiri, which Yotsuyu had taken from the Red Kojin she had killed for abandoning their posts when they were needed in Isari. Zenos used the blade to overpower the Warrior of Light and Yugiri Mistwalker when they attempted to assassinate him. Zenos discarded his helmet upon finding it damaged by the Warrior. Sparing the Warrior in hopes of a more pleasurable fight in the future, Zenos took his leave after the amassed Namai villages, Alisaie Leveilleur, and Gosetsu Everfall stopped him from killing Yugiri. Threatening Yotsuyu to not fail him again in subduing the rebels, Zenos returned to Ala Mhigo where he acquired Shinryu to ready himself for another battle with the Warrior of Light.

When news reached Zenos of Doma's liberation, he killed the messenger while musing over his next fight with the Warrior of Light. Fordola arrived with a captive Krile Maya Baldesion, and Zenos awarded her with one of his men's gunblades and sent her to Aulus. Following her loss of Castellum Velodyna (and unintentionally causing the summoning of the Ananta primal Lakshmi), Fordola expected to be executed for her failure. Zenos instead spared her when she admitted she desired to grow stronger, and had Aulus turn her into a Resonant, a Garlean supersoldier imbued with an artificial version of the Echo.

Man should fight for the joy of it. To live, to eat, to breed—lesser beasts snap and howl at one another for this. Only man has the wisdom and the clarity to embrace violence for its own sake. For we who are born into this merciless, meaningless world, have but one candle of life to burn.

Zenos yae Galvus
FFXIV Zenos Death

Zenos' last moment.

When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn stormed Castrum Abania, Fordola delivered Zenos's message for them to come to Ala Mhigo Castle for the "royal hunt" he had readied for them. When the Warrior of Light reached the Hall of the Griffin, Zenos engaged the hero. Excited that the Warrior had met his expectations, Zenos took the fight to the Royal Menagerie where he freed Shinryu and used his Resonant powers to take control of the primal by merging onto its chest. After an epic battle in the sky, Shinryu was defeated, and Zenos crashed into the menagerie. Elated over his defeat and of fulfilling the role he had been raised to play, Zenos used Ame-no-Habakiri to slit his own throat.

Meaningless? Men die that others may live. Those who survive are stronger for it. Not that you could ever understand. To have stood upon this great stage of have played my part to perfection... Oh, this...this moment...let it be enshrined in eternity. My heart...beating out of time... So clear, so vivid, so real... So real. Farewell, my first friend. My enemy.

Zenos before slitting his own throat
FFXIV Zenos Returns

Elidibus posing as Zenos.

The Ascian Elidibus possessed Zenos's corpse, spreading the rumor that he was only injured in the battle. He appeared before Emperor Varis and proceeded to orchestrate numerous schemes from using Asahi and Yotsuyu to sabotage Varis's plans on establishing peace with Doma to commissioning the Black Rose chemical weapon for wartime use. When the siege of Ala Mhigo commenced, Elidibus led the army as Zenos.

Hien Rijin, Lyse Hext, and Yugiri Mistwalker were sent to intercept "Zenos" after receiving word that he had been ambushing the resistance soldiers stationed on the front lines, but he easily overpowered them. The Warrior of Light took the stage and two of them were fighting equally, but Elidibus took the upper hand due to the Warrior being called from the First and started to lose their consciousness. As "Zenos" raised his sword to deal the killing blow, Estinien arrived and spirited the unconscious Warrior of Light to safety. Elidibus retreated as Emperor Varis recalled him following the offensives' losses and the spreading of rumors that Zenos was possessed by a demon, leading to unrest in the Imperial Court.

FFXIV Zenos Ala Mhigan Body

Zenos possessing an Elezen body from the Ala Mhigan Resistance.

With the battle in Ala Mhigo having reached a stalemate, the real Zenos—having used his Resonant abilities to escape death and possessing an Ala Mhigan soldier—arrived to reunite with his "first friend". Acknowledging that the Warrior of Light's hunt led them elsewhere, Zenos proclaimed that before they reunited, he would reclaim his original Garlean body. During battle at the The Ghimlyt, Zenos killed and possessed the body of an imperial centurion, and made his way to Garlemald.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

It has been too, too long, my friend...and insufferably dull in your absence. When you return to me, you will share everything. Every blow will be a story unto itself. Every triumph. Every kill. Rest assured we shall have a fitting stage for our reunion. Oh, yes. To reprise that transcendent moment, I will set this world ablaze. And we shall dance before the pyre.

Zenos looking forward to the Warrior of Light

Following the Warrior's victory over Emet-Selch in the First, the real Zenos arrived in the imperial palace in Garlemald, slaughtering his way to the throne room. He defeated Elidibus, much to the Ascian's surprise, and regained his own body, along with the truth about Zodiark and Hydaelyn being primals. Gaius and Estinien entered the throne room in time to witness Zenos murdering his father. Zenos denied seeking the throne, and stated the regicide was in retaliation for Varis interfering with his hunt for the Warrior of Light by attempting to use the Black Rose on them. Zenos overpowered Gaius and Estinien and teleported away, before a detachment led by Annia and Julia quo Soranus reached the throne room, mistakenly assuming that the Azure Dragoon and the rogue legatus had murdered Varis.

Zenos Echoes of a Fallen Star

Zenos dreams of the Final Days of Amaurot.

Civil war broke out in Garlemald following the Emperor's death when Varis's cousin Nerva took advantage of Zenos's disappearance to claim the throne. While observing the chaos he had caused, Zenos was approached by a mysterious white-robed figure—the Ascian Fandaniel—offering assistance. He directed Zenos to an ideal prey: the Ascians' primal Zodiark. Zenos confessed that he had started dreaming of the end days of Amaurot, with the Ascian suspecting it was the work of Emet-Selch, and told Zenos the story of the great sundering.

On Werlyt, the reformed VIIth Imperial Legion developed new Ultima Weapon-like projects, which hosted synthetic auracites with skilled Garlean soldiers' data within. Zenos's data was initially used for the core of the Diamond Weapon, but Legatus Valens van Varro discarded the simulation during the testing of the Weapon's Oversoul as he preferred an obedient servant rather than a ravenous beast obsessed with hunting.

While I await you, I shall drink a sea of souls and gorge myself upon the darkened moon. Then you shall come to me, all roiling rage and rancor... And the stars shall bear witness to our final contest.

Zenos 5

Zenos becomes upset with Fandaniel at potentially harming the Warrior of Light

Zenos later returned to the imperial palace, bored despite having slaughtered an entire room of soldiers to get there. Fandaniel arrived, revealing his possession of the body of Asahi sas Brutus, having taken his identity and resources to further his goals. Zenos showed little interest in Fandaniel, though he angered when the Ascian noted he may have "singed [the Warrior of Light] a little". Fandaniel declared his and Zenos's intent was to usher in destruction akin to the Final Days of the ancient Amaurot. Once the Ascian departed to "prepare a hunting ground", Zenos had the Garleans rebuild the palace into a tower and planned to recreate the feeling of his fight with the Warrior of Light at the Royal Menagerie when they would reunite.

When Fandaniel reported his progress of erecting the towers and his meeting with the Warrior, Zenos discarded Ame-no-Habakiri for a new weapon for his rematch: a scythe from among the various weapons he had acquired over the years. Fandaniel released the remaining Lunar primals in Eorzea following Lunar Bahamut's destruction, but later reported he was prevented from acquiring the aether from the Carteneau Flats for their plan. Zenos tested his scythe on some Eorzean fighters before looking up to the moon, musing that he would gorge on a sea of souls and power up while waiting for the Warrior, with the stars bearing witness to their epic final battle.[1]

At some point after taking up the scythe, Zenos learned the ways of the Garlean Reapers and forged a pact with Zero, a voidsent avatar from the Thirteenth. Zero hated the pact but could not resist Zenos.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The gods themselves will be my meal. Your dear companions my dessert. Upon this world I'll feast, and death shall follow in my wake. All your hate, all your rage, you will render unto me.

Zenos's promise to the Warrior of Light

With work on the Tower of Babil complete and no sport to speak of, Zenos bided his time in Garlemald, waiting for the day the Warrior of Light would arrive. Upon completing his work in Thavnair and Labyrinthos, the Warrior of Light and their allies headed to Garlemald to rescue the tempered Garleans. After one such mission, Fandaniel kidnapped the Warrior of Light from the Camp Broken Glass and used Aulus mal Asina's mindjack technology to implant their soul into the body of a standard Garlean infantry unit. Under the pretense of a meal with Zenos, Fandaniel explained to the Warrior of Light the procedure he had used to implant their soul into a new body, as well as the process of using Varis's corpse as a catalyst to summon a new primal: Anima.

Zenos used his powers as a Resonant to take control of the Warrior of Light's original body, and traveled to Camp Broken Glass to kill their friends to "motivate" the Warrior into a rematch, leaving the Warrior of Light to fend for themselves in a Garlean soldier's body. Arriving at the camp, Zenos prepared to attack Alisaie Leveilleur and G'raha Tia, but the Warrior arrived just in time to intervene. Fandaniel switched their bodies back and left with Zenos, though not before Zenos told the Warrior that he would expunge all they held dear.

After taking over the Tower of Babil, the remaining Garleans punished Zenos for killing their Emperor by stripping him of his title, dubbing him "Zenos viator Galvus". After the Warrior of Light made their way to Mare Lamentorum, Fandaniel and Zenos arrived, and broke the last of the seals binding Zodiark. Just as Zenos and the Warrior of Light were about to do battle, Fandaniel took control of Zodiark, and announced his intention to battle the Warrior of Light rather than Zenos as he had originally intended. The Warrior of Light defeated Fandaniel, and with his last act, Fandaniel destroyed Zodiark as well as himself, making way for the Final Days to commence. Realizing that the Warrior was more focused on the Final Days than him, Zenos decided to postpone their rematch and left.

Would you be "happier" had I a "good reason"? If my motives met with your approval, would you no longer resent the outcome? If so, then perhaps a beast's skin would suit you better.

Zenos to Jullus regarding his motives

Later on, when the Warrior of Light helped escort Thavnairian refugees across the Magna Glacies to Garlemald, Zenos unsuccessfully attempted to entertain himself by fighting beasts before encountering the Scions and the Warrior again. Although Zenos was still only concerned with facing the Warrior of Light, he was disappointed to see they were still preoccupied with the Final Days, now having to wait even longer for their rematch. A furious Jullus Norbanus confronted Zenos over how much Garlemald and its people had suffered as a direct result of his actions, demanding to know what it was all for. Zenos callously admitted it had been wasted effort. Upon seeing Jullus's rage, Zenos mockingly asked if Jullus would detest him less if he had a good reason for his atrocities, claiming that morality and honor were little more than tools of convenience to be used for individuals seeking their own ends, and that the meaning behind his existence could only be determined by himself alone. Alisaie scolded him, explaining that even though Zenos's path had led him to great strength, if he continued to indulge himself in his single-minded pursuit of a battle with the Warrior of Light at the expense of all else, he would always be alone, doomed to never get the rematch he was so desperate for. These words appeared to trouble Zenos, and he walked away in silence.

Zenos traveled to the Royal Menagerie in Ala Mhigo, the site of their climactic final battle, and wondered what the Warrior of Light sought from him, and what he sought from the Warrior of Light. He finally began to understand what drove the Warrior of Light and set sail for Old Sharlayan, realizing what he must do to face his "friend" once again. Zenos arrived after the Scions had departed for Ultima Thule, and made a bargain with Krile: in exchange for helping the Scions in their battle with Meteion, he would get his chance to duel the Warrior of Light at the edge of the universe. As part of the deal, Zenos absorbed the remaining aether of Mothercrystal, allowing him to regain his form as Shinryu and travel to Ultima Thule.

Against the Endsinger's overwhelming power, the Warrior of Light had been forced to send the rest of the Scions to safety while they continued to fight alone. Zenos, in the form of Shinryu, breached her nest and presented himself to the Warrior of Light. Upon seeing the Endsinger, he asked if she was the Warrior of Light's prey, and expressed confusion that they had not slain her yet, having assumed the Warrior was "above something so banal as despair". Despite the Warrior of Light's hesitation to seek Zenos's aid, the two charged against the Endsinger, with the Warrior of Light riding atop Shinryu's back as he swore to follow her no matter where she tried to flee.

Zenos Last Attack

Zenos during the last showdown against the Warrior of Light.

After assisting the Warrior of Light defeat the Endsinger, Zenos watched the Warrior of Light help Meteion regain her hope for the future before approaching the lone Warrior. With nothing left to distract them, Zenos requested one last duel with his only equal. Zenos assured the Warrior of Light that if they refused, he would accept it, finally understanding that unlike him, the Warrior of Light cherished life and would only risk theirs for a worthy reason. Zenos claimed that like him, the Warrior also found purpose in pushing themselves in combat and seeking challenge for its own sake.

You mean to return. To the world, where you are hailed as a hero. Hear me then. Not as a hero, but as simply… you. As I learned in Ala Mhigo, you are a formidable foe. Stronger than any I have ever faced. Against you, I need bring my all to bear. I need burn through the candle of my life. This is the sole pleasure I know, and it is the sole pleasure I have to share. And so I come before you. To issue challenge and offer singular bliss. If you wish to walk away, I will not stop you. You value life. You do not burn yours save for reasons you deem worthy. Reasons such as those which brought you here. The salvation of a world and its people. The motives of a hero true. But there is more to you than that. You know this to be true. As surely as you know the thrill of pushing your body and soul to their limits. Of confronting ever-mightier foes, dancing ever closer to the precipice wondering if this will be the one to finally, finally… fill the void. Such pleasures, you seek for their own sake, and no other reason. Is this not so… adventurer?

Zenos to the Warrior

Whether the Warrior accepts or denies this claim, Zenos and the Warrior engaged in a final duel to the death. Zero supported Zenos, eventually Enshrouding him. After one last clash of fists, the Warrior of Light proved victorious. Though disappointed to have lost again, a mortally wounded Zenos asked the Warrior of Light if their life had been a gift or a burden, and if they had found fulfillment in their journey. Upon Zenos taking his final breath, a remote control teleporter dropped near the Warrior of Light, returning them to the Ragnarok, leaving Zenos's corpse at the edge of creation.

That I should lose again... How disappointing. Never have I understood those around me. Understood their obsessions. Besieged by their banality, the world was a mire of tedium and trivialities. But in these fleeting moments, there is...a spark. Blinding, brilliant... Gone...too soon... What of you, my mirror? Born into this world, bestowed name, bid to seek out strife and adventure... Was this life a gift...or a burden? Did you find...fulfillment? I...

Zenos' final words

Zenos's death nullified his pact with Zero, who was sent back to the Thirteenth—the wasteland from which all voidsent originate—declaring it a world bereft of saviors. After reuniting with the Warrior of Light and their party within the dungeons of the Fell Court of Troia as they searched for Vrtra's brood sister, Azdaja, Zero would be restored to her original form and eventually befriend them, even joining them in their mission. During frequent conversations with the Warrior, Zero would recount her experiences as Zenos's avatar with distaste, finding their covenant to be more like a curse, as the Garlean Prince stole her power in the name of his hunt. Zero would even compare Zenos's very nature of using other's as pawns to gain power to that of a voidsent's, making him one in nature if not in form. Yet after learning to trust again thanks to the Warrior's efforts and that of their companions, Zero began to wonder if Zenos could've have benefited from such lessons had he learned to trust someone and thereby having an actual friend. These conversations would actually cause the Warrior to wonder about their fallen nemesis, perhaps wondering that maybe in another life, they could've have been indeed friends before ultimately putting the thought to rest.



FFXIV SB Zenos Concept

Concept art.

Zenos wears dark full plate armor and often wears a horned white mask. He incorporates some of Ala Mhigo's traditional outfit into his appearance, adorning his suit with trial textile and a belt. Zenos is the second Garlean antagonist to go without his mask at times, the first being Nero tol Scaeva. The shapes of the horns that adorn his helmet, as well as the shape of the sum of the helmet in general, recalls the shape of the imperial crown of Garlemald.

He is a man in mid 20s with a youthful face, fair complexion, and long golden hair. In the later patches of Shadowbringers and in Endwalker, Zenos abandons his bulky suit of armor for lighter leather royal garments and a gold pauldron that extends from his right shoulder down to his arm. When merged with his avatar, his left arm glows red and becomes clawed, his hair flares out and darkens with glowing crimson streaks, and his eyes glow red, distinct from his Resonant eyes.

His weapons of choice are a set of three katanas: the Storm, the Swell, and Ame-no-Habakiri. The Storm and the Swell are lightning- and wind-aspected, respectively. Each sword has a distinct glow: purple for the Storm, green for the Swell, and red for Ame-no-Habakiri. Before acquiring Ame-no-Habakiri, he wielded an unnamed katana bearing the sigil of Garlemald. He carries the katanas in a "sword revolver", prominent throughout promotional materials. The revolver has been compared in appearance to a golf bag and even has a kickstand for when not in use. He later discards his katanas in favor of a scythe outfitted with a gun barrel at the blade's base.

In Endwalker, Zenos changes his job to a Reaper. He wears a black and red assemble with half-cape, golden gauntlets and sabatons, wielding a gigantic magitek scythe. Like all Reapers, Zenos has a Voidsent Avatar, his distinct from the adventurer's; depicted as a tall, robed multi-armed figure covering its eyeless faces with its hands. Floating atop its head is a broken halo-like construct and wields its own scythe separate from Zenos's. When Zenos uses Enshroud, unlike the players where their Avatar envelops their whole bodies, Zenos's appearance only changes slightly. His hair darkens and stands up with red highlights, his body is shrouded with red and black spikes, and he has red eyes.

In The Royal Menagerie Zenos can fuse with Shinryu, assuming the primal's form. When assisting the Warrior of Light in their last battle against the Endsinger, Zenos again assumes the form of Shinryu.


Zenos is arrogant, contemptuous, selfish, and callous. Having been raised as the heir apparent, he disregards the importance of human life. Drunk on power as the crown prince and viceroy of both Ala Mhigo and Doma, Zenos cares little for his job of governing the provinces. Since Zenos never found challenge in battle, he treats his conquered subjects as prey to hunt and partakes in battles for the thrill of the kill. His purpose in war is to collect swords. Alphinaud admits Zenos is a peerless warrior and an accomplished general, the crushing of the Doman rebellion standing as proof of that. What Zenos loathes most is an opponent who does not provide enough "sport" in battle or cowards who flee or otherwise do not participate in battle.

Though Zenos views enemy and ally alike with contempt, he acknowledges the uses and strengths of his servants and allies. This includes Yotsuyu goe Brutus's hatred for her people to break the natives of Doma, Aulus mal Asina's scientific theory that would give Garleans the means to wield magicks, Fordola rem Lupis's desire to uplift her people to be accepted by the Garleans and to achieve the power to make all those who mocked her pay, and Asahi sas Brutus's zealous devotion to him. Nonetheless, despite most of them being loyal, they are expendable to Zenos. He has little tolerance for incompetence and will execute subordinates for even the slightest display of perceived cowardice or failure—even a messenger who had nothing to do with Yotsuyu's failure—but will spare the lives of those he still has use for. Zenos later accepts the services of the rogue Ascian Fandaniel in his renewed effort to hunt the Warrior of Light down. While he finds the eccentric Ascian useful, Zenos appears disinterested in him, more so on his desire on restarting the Final Days.

Zenos searches for means to augment his body, which already surpasses human limit due to experimentation the Empire conducted on him. He defies Garlean doctrine and subdues the primal Shinryu for his own use, claiming to care little about his nation and its cowardly creeds regarding the eikons. After reclaiming his body from Elidibus and wounding his father, Zenos proclaims his disinterest in ruling the Empire: his only goal is to hunt down the Warrior of Light.

Zenos feels a connection for the Warrior of Light's progress. He calls them as both his first "friend" and his enemy. This shows another side of Zenos, one that is lonely and possibly fatalistic. Having felt little value in the world outside of drowning in the power bestowed upon him or the blood of his enemies, Zenos can find a kindred spirit in the one who can finally best him. His newly forged motivation to face the Warrior of Light drives him to remove all obstacles and distractions, his birthright of the throne being among them. The only other time Zenos shows overt emotion is following the killing of his father: euphoria over ridding himself of an obstacle in his pursuit of the hunt, and possibly a hint of catharsis from the years of abuse endured from his father's iron fist.

In Endwalker, Zenos remains fixated on having his rematch with the Warrior of Light, not caring that the Final Days will destroy the world, instead finding it the perfect stage for their reunion. Even though he knows Fandaniel is using him to restart the Final Days, Zenos is only concerned about battling the Warrior of Light, remaining either bored with everything around him, or excited that his rematch draws near. Even as the Telophoroi ravage his homeland, Zenos shows no remorse, dismissing that the destruction was "for nothing" when it failed to bring him his desired rematch. Though disappointed that Zodiark didn't turn out to be the prey he was hoping for, calling it a "betrayal of promises", he mostly bemoans the Warrior being more focused on forestalling the Final Days than with him. Zenos is willing to go to any extreme to provoke the the Warrior of Light, even stealing their body and try to murder their friends with it. He yet refrains from fighting the Warrior of Light in most of their encounters as he desires a showdown where the Warrior's focus is fully on him.

Upon being confronted in the Magna Glacies, he reiterates his belief that ideals such as duty, honor, and morality are mere tools of convenience and that justice was but a means to an end, using the Empire's conquests as proof. He does not care about leading others, stating it's each individual's own responsibility to determine their purpose in life. However, a stern rebuttal from Alisaie, who admitted that he may have gained strength from his chosen beliefs, makes him realize he may never get his coveted battle with the Warrior of Light if he stays his course of wanton destruction and that he will end up completely alone, deserving every second of it. An illuminated Zenos strikes a bargain with Krile and helps the Scions stop the Final Days so he can get his rematch once there is nothing to "distract" them. Upon finally facing the Warrior alone, Zenos sees a kindred spirit in them as they both seek to grow stronger in their own ways, and they, too, look for ever-mightier battles for their own sake. Should the Warrior of Light agree, Zenos is elated over having found his acceptance at long last.


In Stormblood, Zenos is fought on five occasions. The first two as unwinnable battles during solo quest battles in the quests In Crimson It Began In Crimson It Began and The Time between the Seconds The Time between the Seconds. Zenos is later fought as the final boss Stormblood, first as the final boss of Ala Mhigo Ala Mhigo, and then while fused with Shinryu during Royal Menagerie. During the level 70 instance battle A Requiem for Heroes A Requiem for Heroes in the final quest of the patch content for Stormblood, Elidibus is fought while using Zenos's corpse as a vessel.

In Shadowbringers, a simulacrum of Zenos is fought at level 80 in the instance from Faded Memories Faded Memories Main Scenario quest. The Diamond Weapon uses his combat data during The Cloud Deck The Cloud Deck.

In Endwalker, Zenos is fought for a final time as Zenos viator Galvus in the instance battle at the end of Endwalker Endwalker. He's fought as a Reaper, using the job's skillset but more powerful than the player's, while also possessing abilities inherited from Shinryu. While it is possible to lose this fight, it is heavily rigged in the player's favor, making it more of an epilogue to the story compared to the the story's final trial.

Zenos is the most recurrent boss in Final Fantasy XIV, being fought on six occasions (eight if one counts the two modes of the Royal Menagerie's trial). This surpasses Nael van Darnus and Fandaniel, who are fought in five occasions both (seven for Nael if one counts the two modes of Rivenroad's instance from 1.0).

Triple Triad[]

Zenos yae Galvus Card
Zenos yae Galvus Triple Triad Card
Card No. 201
Total stats 29
Type Garlean
Description “Do not disappoint me, girl. Or I will kill you.”
Obtain Won from Hachinan, Yanxia (26, 12)
Randomly obtainable from Ala Mhigo Ala Mhigo
Zenos Galvus Card
EW Zenos Triple Triad Card
Card No. 331
Total stats 30
Type Garlean
Description “Did you find... fulfillment?”
Obtain Obtain 344 unique Triple Triad cards

Musical themes[]

Zenos's cutscene appearances are accompanied by "Meteor", a theme previously used for Nael van Darnus. His first battle is accompanied by "Wrath of the Eikons", a theme typically associated with Diabolos. His second battle is accompanied by "Bite of the Black Wolf", which has been used for other Legati before. His battle in Ala Mhigo has the "Triumph" theme, the default theme for dungeon final bosses in Stormblood. When fought in "A Requiem for Heroes", the first phase of his fight is accompanied by "Triumph", while the second phase is accompanied by "Thunderer", which is normally the theme used for Ascians. When fought in the Endwalker quest's solo instance, his final battle is accompanied by "Endwalker - Footfalls".

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

DFFNT Zenos yae Galvus Costume 01-A

Zenos yae Galvus as he appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Zenos yae Galvus is a playable character and a representative of Final Fantasy XIV. He is a warrior of Spiritus.

He was revealed during the Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival 2019. He was introduced in the March 26th update for the arcade version. The following month, he was added to the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions as a standalone DLC.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Zenos yae Galvus
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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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FFXIV SB Collectors Edition

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Collector's Edition package.

A Zenos figure is included in the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Collector's Edition package.




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