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Zenobia (ゼノビア, Zenobia?) is a special type of Cie'th called an Undying. She is different from other Undying in that her body is crimson and instead of possessing solid, crystalline arms, she has flailing tentacles called Vaballathus that are used for offense and defense.


Mission 34: Zenobia, the ButcherEdit

The Undying-fearsome Cie'th who defy fal'Cie will, driven by an intense loathing of all that lives. Zenobia, The Butcher, is of their number, and I, of her line. But I go now to stay her blade, as my father and his father before him once attempted.

The Butcher's den is in the old Haerii Archaeopolis, at the northern edge of the steppe. There, at the scene of her foulest atrocities, I will expunge her taint, and restore my family's honor.

Zenobia FragmentEdit

Zenobia is one of the fearsome group of Cie'th known as the 'Undying.' After descending upon the Haerii Archaeopolis and wreaking untold havoc, she disappeared from the pages of history.

In 400 AF, Zenobia was summoned through a crack in spacetime by the Proto fal'Cie Adam, and became the harbinger of death for the seeress Yeul. It is said this moment was 'seen' and recorded within an Oracle Drive.


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Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Zenobia appears before the party.

Originally a human girl, Zenobia is a mark that Lightning and the rest of the party find in the ruins of Haerii after accepting the respective mission. Before the fight can begin, a Tonberry appears and knives Zenobia's legs. Zenobia perishes, but the Tonberry's grudge now falls on the party.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

13-2 zenobia appears

Noel and Serah attack Zenobia.

The Proto fal'Cie Adam uses a crack in spacetime to summon Zenobia from the Haerii Archaeopolis to Academia 400 AF during its attack on Serah Farron, Mog, and Noel Kreiss.

The Undying locates Serah and Noel and attacks them amid their conversation with Paddra Nsu-Yeul, using her flowing tendrils to toss the seeress aside, mortally wounding her. This proves to be Zenobia's undoing, as Noel attacks her. Zenobia is killed after Serah cuts off her tendrils and Noel impales her.

When Serah and Noel correct the timeline in Augusta Tower, thus removing the Proto fal'Cie Adam from existence, Zenobia's appearance in Academia never occurs, and her original fate depicted in Final Fantasy XIII remains as such.

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Zenobia is fought in Final Fantasy XIII-2 alongside her tentacle-like arms, called Vaballathus, in Academia 400 AF. The Undying uses the Vaballathus both for offense and defense, shielding herself with them and using them to launch enemies into the air.


Zenobia was a third century Syrian queen of the Palmyrene Empire who led a revolt against the Roman Empire. Many Cie'th in Final Fantasy XIII are named after military leaders who opposed Rome.


  • Zenobia resembles Scarmiglione's true form with its arms and tentacles. Cie'th are akin to undead, like Scarmiglione is.

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