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Damage all enemies by tossing gil.


Zeninage, also known as $toss, is a Samurai command ability in Final Fantasy V. It throws gil at all enemies, dealing immense fixed damage, but costing gil in the process. Zeninage's damage is based on the user's level. Though Zeninage is a very powerful ability, it should not be used too frequently, due to the cost incurred by the player by using it.


Zeninage is innate to Samurai, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 2, for a total of 40 AP (30 from level 1), any job the character uses can equip the ability.


The formula for Zeninage is as follows:

Mimicking Zeninage still spends gil. It will not miss.


Zeninage is powerful enough to end most fights in one use, and deal significant physical damage to a boss. The drawback is the cost incurred. If a player uses it too frequently, they risk greatly depleting their gil, which will be limiting when purchasing equipment from shops. As such, Zeninage should be used as a last resort when the party is low, or against a boss the player is struggling with. As Zeninage deals fixed damage, it can be useful against enemies that resist most forms of damage or evade a lot.