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Zenene is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. It appears in the Shinra Building after Jenova escapes, and in the fourth round of the Battle Square before the player obtains the Tiny Bronco. They can also be fought during the return to Midgar at the end of the game, but at this point they are harmless. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.



# Formation
448 Row 1: Zenene A
Row 2: Zenene B
449 Row 1: Vargid Police
Row 2: Zenene
450 Row 1: Brain Pod A, Brain Pod B
Row 2: Zenene
451 Zenene A, Zenene B (Attack from both sides)
452 Zenene
454 Zenene A, Zenene B (Back Attack)


Shinra Building (after Jenova escapes)
68f. 448, 449 (Back Attack), 450 (Back Attack), 451 (Attack from both sides)
69f. 449, 450, 452, 454 (Back Attack)
Battle Square (before Tiny Bronco)
Group A - Battle 4 449


Zenene is one of the three enemies found on the upper floors of the Shinra Building (the other two being the Vargid Police and the Brain Pod). His Fang attack inflicts minor damage. The Zenene is remarkably fast, and uses Piazzo Shower which inflict damage and may poison a character. Its most powerful attack is Ghenghana, a burning shell that inflicts heavy damage and might kill a character if their HP is low. Zenene absorbs the Poison element, so the player should not use Bio. Also is resistant to Fire. The player can also take advantage of their weakness to Cure magic or Potions to defeat them.

Deadly Waste can be stolen from the Zenene, a useful item for poisoning and damaging enemies later on in the game. If the player does not steal the Waste, they instead may receive a valuable Ether as drop.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

Choose Random Opponent
1/2 Chance: Use <Fang> on Target
1/4 Chance: Use Piazzo Shower on Target
1/4 Chance: Use Ghenghana on Target


Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


Zenene from Final Fantasy VII appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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