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Zemus's Malice, also known as Zemus's Mind and Mind, is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV. It is encountered near the end of the game, in the deepest confines of the Lunar Subterrane.

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Battle Edit

Because Zemus's Malice has 254 Defense, weapon-based attacks barely hit or only get one point of damage. In addition, after every attack it counters by casting Protect or Shell on itself when struck with a physical or magical attack, respectively. This, combined with its high Defense, makes it hard to defeat with normal attacks. A good strategy is to have Rydia summon Bahamut and Rosa cast Holy.

Another strategy is to have Edge cast Shadowbind. This allows physical attacks to hit. Casting Osmose may be a good choice to prepare Rydia's MP for the final boss battles.

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Etymology Edit

Zemus is the Amharic word for "prayer".

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