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Orran and Orlandeau at Zeltennia.

Home to Duke Goltanna, liege lord of Zeltennia, this castle was heavily reinforced during the Fifty Years' War.


Zeltennia Castle (ゼルテニア城, Zerutenia-jou?) is the stronghold of Cidolfus Orlandeau from Final Fantasy Tactics.


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Delita and Ovelia in the keeps.

In the keeps of the castle, Delita Heiral teaches Princess Ovelia how to whistle after telling her about his sister Tietra's pendant.

Zalmour looks down at Ramza from the church tower.

Ramza Beoulve ventures to Zeltennia Castle to find Orlandeau, only to end up in a battle with the Confessor Zalmour Lucianada. Ramza's childhood friend Delita helps him fend off Zalmour, and Ramza learns that Orlandeau is actually at Fort Besselat, helping defend that fortress from the Order of the Northern Sky.

After Ramza's party has felled Ultima, and Delita has become the king of Ivalice, Zeltennia Castle is where he and Ovelia end up stabbing each other. Ovelia attacks Delita with a dagger, claiming he used her to become the king, and Delita draws his sword in self-defense. As Ovelia lay on the ground at the struggle's aftermath, Delita ponders how Ramza's life turned out.

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Battle information[]

Zeltennia Castle Chapel Ruins (PSP Exclusive)[]

Zeltennia Castle
Front view:
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Back view:
[[File:{{{back img}}}|300px]]
Side view:
[[File:{{{side img}}}|300px]]
Back side view:
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Overhead grid:
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2 (Ninja)



Additional info None
Conditions Defeat all enemies
Weather Clear night
Enemy level 22 Recommended level 30
Team capacity Delita Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies None Hidden items None
Terrain {{{terrain}}} Geomancy {{{geomancy}}}

Outlying Church[]

Outlying Church
Front view:
Church Outside of Town 1.png
Back view:
Church Outside of Town 3.png
Side view:
Church Outside of Town 2.png
Back side view:
Church Outside of Town 4.png
Overhead grid:
Church Outside of Town OH.png
Additional info One-time battle.
Conditions Defeat Zalmour
Weather Clear day
Enemy level Average: 34 Recommended level 35 - 37
Team capacity 4 + Ramza Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies Angel Ring Hidden items
Terrain Grassland, Flagstone, Tree, Wooden Floor, Roof, Chimney Geomancy Tanglevine, Contortion, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Wind Blast


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Rhana Straight Ch.4 9-13 3100 Artefact
Nightwalker Ch.4 8-12 3050 Payment
Zerro Strikes Ch.4 8-9 100 Artefact Knight
Missing Boy Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 15-16 3500 Payment
Appraisal Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 8-9 550 Artefact