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Zeltennia is a duchy in Final Fantasy Tactics located in eastern Ivalice, along with the neighboring Limberry. Its seat of power is Zeltennia Castle, and it also contains the principal fortress of the Order of the Southern Sky Knights, Fort Besselat. Zeltennia is ruled by Druksmald Goltanna, who fought in the Fifty Years' War and is a descendant of late King Denamda II.

Straddled at the easternmost border of Ivalice, Zeltennia was known as the fiercest battlefield during the Fifty Years' War. It is prone to invasion by the kingdom of Ordallia, and was almost lost to the Ordallian side, if not for the defenses led by Cidolfus Orlandeau, a knight serving House Goltanna.


Zeltennia Castle[]

Home to Duke Goltanna, liege lord of Zeltennia, this castle was heavily reinforced during the Fifty Years' War.

Trade City of Sal Ghidos[]

Once a center of trade with Ordallia, this city has withered since relations with Ordallia were severed.

Finnath Creek[]

The Thealla Peaks reach 6,000 dohms in height. The water flowing down them is frigid even in midsummer.

Mount Germinas[]

This peak is the oldest on the entire continent. The range from which it rises is a barren, rainless one.