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Zeid is a mission boss from Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart. He is fought in the Bastok Mission 9-2 battlefield Where Two Paths Converge as the Final Boss of the extended Bastok campaign.

Zeid can use all Great Sword Weapon Skills up to Ground Strike, which he favors. He will also summon two Shadows of Rage, which share some of his abilities but have much less health. It is recommended to kill the Shadows of Rage as quickly as possible as they are capable of creating Skillchains with Zeid, and Zeid takes a while to resummon them.

At about 70% Volker will appear and aid the party. Volker must be kept alive to complete the mission. Zeid's Ground Strike can nearly one-shot Volker, but it isn't difficult to keep Zeid's attention focused elsewhere. Volker has good damage output himself, and can use the Vorpal Blade Weapon Skill as well as Berserk-Ruf, which increases his own attack.


Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Abyssal Drain: Single target damage and drain effect.
  • Abyssal Strike: Single target ranged damage and stun effect.
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