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The Zedlei Forest area.

Warm light plays through the canopy of this beautiful forest. The Silenia river runs through the heart of the wood on its eastward journey to the sea.


Zedlei Forest is a location of Jylland in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Located on the western continent of Loar, it is positioned on the northeastern coast and is close proximity to the snowy town of Moorabella. Despite this, Zedlei Forest is still bathed in a warm climate, because the snow that dusts the rooftops of Moorabella is wrought of magick and not a natural occurrence.


Formo Brook[]


A frigid stream of snowmelt from the mountains enters the forest here. Many woodland animals can be seen drinking along its banks.

Zedlei Forest[]


Magnificent trees reach skyward in this lush forest. Some of the greater trees are said to harbor powerful magick.

The Greenhall[]


The trees of this forest provide the highest quality timber. Once felled, the trunks are taken to the lumbermills on giant sleds.

Random encounter[]

"Open Wide"

A creature that will eat anything when it's hungry. The stench is revolting.

Forbidden: Opportunity Commands

Secret Locations[]

Overlook Rise[]


This small hill peeks out above the forest. The lord of the wood is said to dwell at its rocky summit.

This area is unlocked when triggering an event at Lezaford's Cottage that appears after the story mission "Through Another's Eyes".


Baptiste Highroad[]

This road leads southeast to the Baptiste Hill. The warm rays of the sun bathe the path in golden light.

Aldanna Highroad[]

This road climbs southwest to the foothills of the Aldanna Range. The quiet murmur of running waters delights the senses.

Moorabella Highroad[]

This road leads west to the city of Moorabella. Arbors line the road, offering welcome shelter to the tired traveler.


  • "Now That's a Fire"
  • "Green King of Cinquleur"
  • "Foodstuffs: Aroma"
  • "The Goug Consortium"
  • "My Little Carrot"
  • "The Forests of Loar"
  • "The Whole Truth"
  • "A Small Favor"
  • "Help!"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Rosefire"
  • "Gimme That!"
  • "Flantastic Finish"
  • "Gifted"