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A collective of barbarous seeq. Known for their strange and unusual crops.

In-game description

The Zedlei Consortium is an eccentric clan consisting of seeq and numerous monsters. They are ruthless and will attack traveling parties without hesitation if their ultimatum of a gil payment is refused.



The Zedlei Consortium can be found in auction in the Graszton and Camoa Auction Houses. As their title suggests, they are the default champions of the Zedlei Forest. They are always represented by a seeq, considering that no other race members are a part of the clan.


The Zedlei Consortium can be found in Moorabella and Zedlei Forest. Generally, their attack party consists of three seeq and three monsters. The classes for the seeq are usually two Rangers and a Berserker, while the monsters are titled Zedlei Produce.

Moorabella Battle[]

Heh heh heh! Clan Gully! You had it in for us in that last auction, didn't you! Well now we've got it in for you now!

  • Location: Sage's Grove
  • Objective: Defeat all foes!
  • Forbidden: Actions by Nu Mou
  • Formation: 6 units allowed


  • 2350 Gil
  • Water Stone x2
  • 30 Ability Points
  • 66 Clan Points
  • 2+ Negotiation

Enemy formation[]

Unit Level Equipment Action Abilities Reaction Ability Support Ability
Berserker 29 FFTA - Kaiser Claw.png Kaiser Knuckles
FFTA Brigandine.PNG Brigandine
FFTA Gauntlets.PNG Gauntlets
Savagery (Scream, Furore, Ground Shaker) Blink Counter Death Strike
Ranger 30 FFTA Silver Bow.PNG Silver Bow
FFTA Power Sash.PNG Power Sash
FFTA Spiked Boots.PNG Spiked Boots
Survivalism (Sten Needle, Camouflage, Silence Gas) Return Fire Avoid Traps
Ranger 29 FFTA Sword Breaker.PNG Swordbreaker
FFTA Power Sash.PNG Power Sash
FFTA Spiked Boots.PNG Spiked Boots
(Leech, Mirror Items)

Items (Holy Water, Antidote)

Counter Avoid Traps
FFTA2 Deadly Nightshade.png 31 Deadly Nightshade
(Tomato Fang, Tomato Tackle, Tomato Ketchup)
Critical: Berserk Attack^
IceFlan-FFTA2.png 30 Metamorphosis
(Merge, Acid)

Black Magick

Absorb MP Defense^
Malboro-FFTA2.png 30 Halitosis
(Merge, Acid)

Black Magick

Counter Immunity


Berserker: Har har! Shakin'in yer boots yet? We'll see who the last one standin' is. Watch yer back. Har!