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Regent! You're human again!
—Zebolt regarding Cid

Engineer Zebolt is an engineer in Final Fantasy IX.



Zebolt talks to the Regent.

Engineer Zebolt works for the Regency of Lindblum in the Zebolt Shipyards. He is a highly skilled engineer, part of a group which began building prototypes of steam-powered airships under Regent Cid's leadership. Zebolt works closely with the Regent and helps in the construction of the brand new Hilda Garde series of airships.

Unfortunately, the Hilda Garde I is commandeered by Queen Hilda and later stolen by Kuja. The Hilda Garde II is deemed a failure due to Cid's inability to work to his full potential as an oglop or as a frog. Zebolt helps to construct the Hilda Garde III using parts recycled from the Blue Narciss and therefore is involved in building one of the first successful airships to run without the power of Mist in Gaia.

Zebolt can be found later in Daguerreo researching a new source of power for his future airships.

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