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Zdei appear to be a highly advanced form of the Magic Pots that are often found in many other ancient regions of Vana'diel. They are found only in the Garden of Ru'Hmet and the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi and act as guards to various areas within the Celestial Capital. When Zdei are unengaged, they are aggressive by true sight from the front side only. Their "eye" continuously rotates in 360 degrees on the lookout for wayward adventurers. When engaged, they switch between three states (bars out, rings out, and nothing out) about every 15-45 seconds, even if asleep. Each state utilizes a different defense mechanism.

Zdei drop only Luminion Chips, which are actually pieces of seemingly organic tissue and are only obtainable from Luminions like Zdei and Ghrah. These chips can be traded to Meret for Virtue Stone Pouches.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Aw'zdei
  • Eo'zdei

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Hm'Zdei
  • Ix'zdei
  • Jailer of Temperance
  • Qn'zdei
  • Vu'zdei

Special attacks[]

  • Decayed Filament: AoE damage and Poison. Used only with bars.
  • Optic Induration: Cone attack damage, Petrify, and Enmity reset.
  • Reactor Cool: Defense Boost and Ice Spikes effect.
  • Reactor Overheat: Cone Attack damage and Plague. Used only with rings.
  • Reactor Overload: AoE damage and Silence. Used only with rings.
  • Static Filament: Cone attack damage and Stun. Used only with bars.