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A wired tyke who's still learning to absorb lightning. His magic set remains limited. Don't confuse him with a certain-colored mage; they're two different things.
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Zapt is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

The Nether Nebula Edit


Location Formation
The Nether Nebula - Cavern 5 Zapt, Copper Gnome Stack (Mini Golem, Copper Gnome) x2
Overworld Murkrift - near Valley Seven Zapt x2, Sylph x2, Sand Worm x2
Overworld Murkrift - behind The Dragon Scars Fritt x2, Zapt x2, Sea Serpent x2
Overworld Murkrift - beneath Tometown Zapt x2, Sea Serpent x2, Sand Worm x2

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"Zapped" means to strike something or someone with electricity or other energy.

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