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Zander is a character in Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He is the mayor of Nibelheim, head of the council on which Brian Lockhart is a member. Zander owned a litter of kittens and gifted one, Fluffy, to Tifa Lockhart. He also welcomed Rashard Zangan to the village before sending him away.


Zander owned a number of kittens, one of which was Fluffy. On May 3, 1999, Zander offered Tifa a choice of cat for her twelfth birthday, believing she would be the perfect person to take one home.[note 1] Zander encouraged Tifa to keep the name "Fluffy", which she inadvertently did after a village search was organized and Zander told villagers that the cat's name was such.[1]

When Rashard Zangan traveled to Nibelheim, Zander greeted him warmly, and made several lighthearted quips throughout his group calisthenics exercise class.[2] After Zangan invited a group of villagers to a gathering where he was critical of the Shinra Electric Power Company, Zander was forced to suspect he was sent as a spy to test the village's loyalty, and as such, provided Zangan with a nice meal and a place to spend the night, but asked him to leave.[3] Zangan recommended Tifa as an instructor in his stead; to appease older and more influential villagers who disagreed with sending Zangan away, Zander followed this recommendation and asked Tifa to lead morning exercise classes. Zander's aunt, Monami, attended and paid Tifa for the classes.[4]

After an increase in monster sightings at Mt. Nibel, including never-before-seen dragons, Zander convened an emergency meeting of the council to establish a neighborhood watch with a base camp at the trailhead. On September 18, 0002, participation at the neighborhood watch shifts was made mandatory for able-bodied men and women twenty years or older (unless involved in duties crucial to the community's survival).[5] Zander made numerous appeals to Shinra for help that were denied,[6] but Shinra eventually agreed to send an investigation team including SOLDIERs, arriving on the 22nd.[7] The day of their arrival, Zander had Tifa assigned to guide the investigation team through the mountains, after she volunteered to one of the Turks who rescued her up the mountain.[8]

During the Nibelheim Incident, Zander was murdered by Sephiroth.[9]



Zander is a middle-aged heavyset man with a grey beard and mustache. He wears a brown cowboy hat, and a white button-down shirt under a tan vest with a cream fur collar and a gold star badge pinned to his chest. He also wears a green neckerchief, dark brown pants, and brown boots.



  1. Tifa was born May 3, 1987, meaning she would have owned Fluffy in 1999.