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The Zanarkand Dome, also known as the Yevon Dome, is the ruins of the former temple and government seat of Zanarkand in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is probable that Yu Yevon was high priest of this temple, as he was the leader of Zanarkand. Its architecture resembles the blitzball stadium in Dream Zanarkand.

The dome is an enormous assembly of pyreflies of the fallen citizens of Zanarkand and the memories of summoners and their guardians, similar to the Farplane in Guadosalam. The fayth within the Chamber of the Fayth, Lord Zaon, has left its statue and is not able to be summoned anymore.


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Artwork of the interior.

After Yu Yevon turned the remaining citizens of Zanarkand into fayth, and after losing his personality by summoning Sin and Dream Zanarkand, his daughter, Yunalesca, became master of the dome. By defeating Sin with the first Final Aeon, her husband Zaon, she died, but remained in the dome as an unsent whose only quest is to preserve the secret and legacy of Yu Yevon, and to create new Final Aeons from the guardians of a summoner who completes their pilgrimage.

Yuna and her guardians arrive at the dome to acquire her Final Aeon. Yuna learns the real truth of the Final Summoning and Sin's endless birth and thus rejects Yunalesca's ideals. Yunalesca battles them to put them out of their "misery," but is defeated. The defeated Yunalesca curses the party for dooming Spira to the sorrow of Sin while lamenting to Zaon that the world's last hope is gone. After Yuna and ger guardians exit Zanarkand Dome, Auron reveals to Tidus that he is an unsent, and that he was killed by Yunalesca ten years ago.

In the International, PAL and HD versions, the party can return to the same place they fought Yunalesca to battle Dark Bahamut.

After Yu Yevon's defeat, Cid turns the Zanarkand ruins into a tourist attraction, with the former summoner Isaaru as a tour guide. The Gullwings find Cid inside the Fayth Chamber and Yuna and Rikku express their disapproval at Cid turning Zanarkand into a tourist attraction. Cid leaves. On top of the ruins, a voice "taunts" them, saying that they won't be able to easily take their treasure. The trio recognizes the voice as Isaaru, who explains that he provides excitement for the tourists. He apologizes for the quiz, gives them a Garment Grid, and leaves. The Gullwings enter a new cave where they find the sphere only to be ambushed by a Guardian Beast. After defeating the beast, they realize that the sphere is broken in half, but they take it anyway.

The Gullwings can pair monkeys together to overpopulate the ruins in an attempt to scare the tourists away. The monkeys overpopulate the ruins and the Cloister of Trials area is closed by Isaaru.

Temple aeon[]

  • Lord Zaon (lost its power long ago)
  • Final Aeon of each summoner (created of a guardian of the summoner's by Yunalesca)
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Final Fantasy X[]

Cloister of Trials[]

Cloister of Trials in Zanarkand Dome.

Aim: To fix the lift to the Chamber of the Fayth.

  • Step onto the green square to power the room and allow use of the floor tiles.
  • Using the diagram (see here), step onto all of the colored tiles (not the white ones) in the first room to allow access to the second room and several pedestals in the first.
  • Pushing the pedestals into the walls one by one will make symbols appear on the screen in the second room.
  • After pushing a pedestal into the wall, enter the larger room to see the tiles needed to activate in order to complete the puzzle. Examining the screen will cause the tiles that need to be activated to light up on the floor briefly.
  • Take the Kilika Sphere first and then the Besaid Sphere located next to the screen in the second room and insert them into the two remaining pedestals.

Subsequent Completions[]

Aim: To find the Destruction Sphere treasure (after getting the airship).

  • Using the diagrams above, step on all of the white squares in both of the rooms, being careful not to step on any other tiles and having to start again.
  • Collect the Destruction Sphere from the recess which appears from the niche concealed in the monitor of the smaller room.
  • Insert the sphere into the recess to the right of the monitor of the main room to reveal a chest containing a Magistral Rod.

Dark Bahamut[]

After finishing the story in Zanarkand the party obtains the Fahrenheit airship. If the player returns to the room where Yunalesca was fought, they meet with Dark Bahamut who must be defeated to grab the Sun Crest if it was not picked up on the party's first visit. Dark Bahamut only appears in the PAL, International and HD Remaster versions.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Isaaru's Test[]

During a mandatory mission in Chapter 1, at The Beyond, Isaaru gives the Gullwings a test. If the player selects "Is that you, Isaaru?", the player is rewarded with the Heart Reborn Garment Grid.

Operation: Monkey![]

Operation: Monkey! quest.

Love is in the air! Pair up each monkey with its soulmate! If making monkeys happy isn't reason enough, who knows! There just may be something in it for you, too. Hint: pay attention to their names.
Their world was veiled in darkness. But now, as monkey love blossoms and grows, monkey-full future lies ahead. This is home. They will protect it. Now, and always.

In Chapter 2, returning to the Zanarkand Dome and speaking to Isaaru unlocks this sidequest. Yuna must pair up the monkeys with their soulmates in hopes they will multiply and drive away tourists. The monkey with floating hearts above its head signifies which one Yuna can grab. Their names hint at who their soulmate is. Trying to pair a monkey with one that isn't his/her soulmate can result in a loss of gil, so it's important to pay close attention. Attempting to leave the Dome Corridor whilst carrying a monkey will result in Isaaru confiscating it, resetting it to its original location. Successfully pairing all of the monkeys rewards the Gullwings with the Soul of Thamasa accessory. If the player does not complete the quest in Chapter 2, it remains available to complete in Chapter 3.

The pairings are in the order as follows:

Birch and Sequoia

Birch can be found where Yuna and her guardians once fought Lady Yunalesca, in The Beyond. He and Sequoia are paired in the Chamber of the Fayth, at the bottom right.

Spring and Autumn

Spring can be found in the Great Hall of the Dome. He is paired with Autumn in the smaller area of the Cloister of Trials. Autumn is the only other monkey in this area.

Dusky and Dawne

Dusky is located in the Corridor, closest to the entrance/exit at the bottom of the map. Dawne awaits her soulmate all the way back to The Beyond, at the bottom right.

Rosemary and Thyme

Rosemary is just a few steps down in the Great Hall. Thyme is one of the many monkeys in the larger area of the Cloister of Trials. He is in the bottom right corner, next to a treasure chest.

Terran and Skye

Terran is not far from Rosemary and Thyme, sitting in the same room at the upper part of the map. Skye is easy to find in The Beyond, as she is the only single monkey left in that area.

Minni and Maxx

Minni is in the Great Hall. Maxx is sitting where Terran was, on the small steps in the Cloister of Trials.

Summer and Winter

Summer takes Yuna back to the Chamber of the Fayth. Winter sits in the Corridor beside the second treasure chest from the entrance/exit where Dusky was.

Peke and Valli

Peke is in the Cloister of Trials, not too far below Minni and Maxx. Valli is disguised beside two lovers in the Chamber of the Fayth.

Canis and Felina

Canis is beside the set of stairs that lead to The Beyond. His soulmate Felina is in the Corridor, at the far bottom of the map.

Arroh and Quivrr

Arroh is to be found at the bottom left in the Cloister of Trials, making him the last monkey in this area needing to be paired up. Quivrr waits beside a broken door in the Corridor.

Golde and Sylva

Golde is the last solo monkey left in the Chamber of the Fayth. Sylva is a few steps below where Arroh and Quivrr were paired up.

Luna and Sol

A little further down the Corridor is Luna. Sol awaits her at the left side of the Great Hall, blending in well with the flooring.


Final Fantasy X[]

Final Fantasy X-2[]


Final Fantasy X[]

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Musical themes[]

In Final Fantasy X, "Decision On The Dock" plays in the Dome, during the Cloister of Trials, and random encounters. This theme also appears in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as downloadable content. "Hymn of the Fayth - Yunalesca" plays in the Chamber of the Fayth. "The Trials" plays in the Cloister of Trials on subsequent visits. "Zanarkand" plays during the scene when the party discovers the true meaning of the Final Aeon.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the theme is called "Zanarkand Ruins". The track also has a piano arranged version on the Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection album.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Dome, Part 1[]

FFRK Dome, Part 1 FFX.png
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Dome, Part 2[]

FFRK Dome, Part 2 FFX.png
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Behind the scenes[]

The party stands on the summoning glyphs to fight Spectral Keeper.

The glyph at the bottom of Zanarkand Dome.

Zanarkand's trial puzzles require the party to create or trigger the "elemental/fundamental forces" signs for each temple and its corresponding aeon before the appropriate summoning mandala appears. The party winds up fighting the Spectral Keeper, the guardian of Yunalesca's chamber, while standing on glowing forms of the summoning glyphs they have just activated.

As the symbols the party must trigger to activate the elevator leading to Yunalesca show the glyphs of Besaid, Kilika, Djose, Macalania, Bevelle and Baaj temples of Yevon, it can be assumed that Baaj used to be a pilgrimage destination for summoners before being lost.

There is a large glyph on the bottom floor of the dome where Yunalesca resides. It has the symbol of Yevon in the middle, also the letter A in the Yevon script alphabet, and the symbols of Sin, also the letter Z in the alphabet, at the top and the bottom. This may denote it as the end point of the pilgrimage, or perhaps to show that Sin and Yevon have their origins here.

If the player revisits Zanarkand via the airship, sometimes the Fahrenheit can be seen floating outside the ruined Zanarkand Dome.

In Final Fantasy X-2, YRP need a password into the ruins. In the Japanese version the hints were "ru" and "sa", becoming saru, the Japanese word for monkey. When Rikku shouts out "saru", Isaaru says they are close, and must add a character (a, i, u, e, o) to the front. Yuna selects "i" to form the correct password "isaru", which doubles as a pun on his name. In the English version, the hints are "key" and "mon" for "monkey", which Rikku shouts. Isaaru states that the password is correct, but then tries to distract them by asking about the meaning of life. When Yuna instead asks "Is that you Isaaru?", Rikku demands he stop the game and reveal himself.


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