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Zaltys is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The first time it appears as one of the Lumina's minions, as she summons a Zaltys to block Lightning's path before disappearing. Afterward, it can be found as a common enemy in The Passageway at the Patron's Palace. The player can retry the battle against it in the Ark. The Slaughterhouse version is called Zaltys Brimstone, and is accompanied by the boss theme "Worlds Collide". Its monster notes can be bought from Reveler's Quarter.




  1. Staggered with blow to the head


Blaze Burst.

Zaltys is a reasonably strong foe to overcome when encountered early, but confrontations with it later on become trivial despite its increased strength and HP from Day 6 onward. If Lightning is within close range it uses physical attacks and Tail Hammer. When it turns to attack with its tail, it is possible to attack the tail and chop it off. It uses Stampede to knock Lightning back and interrupt her current action, and Blaze Burst is its ranged attack, blowing a burst of fire at Lightning.

It can be staggered with magic attacks, and the head can be staggered by striking it with physical attacks. The head droops when the body is staggered to bring it to Lightning's normal attacks' reach. Zaltys is the only fire-based enemy that is immune to fire; the others absorb it.

The drop rate for Flamestrike increases significantly by cutting off its tail. This also increases the drop rate of Holy Forgefire on hard mode.


Beat Down attacks from a schema equipped with a spear will automatically target the head, resulting in a stagger that causes Ice-elemental attacks to deal double damage. The player can also target the head manually by blocking or evading its Bite attack, and countering with a hard-hitting strike of their own. The Zaltys's Tail-strike can be blocked and followed up with Beat Downs to sever the tail causing the monster to recoil, allowing around ten seconds of free time to attack its prone back, which will also deal double damage or even more with the auto-ability Blindside.

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Žaltys (literally: grass snake) is a household spirit in Lithuanian mythology.

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