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Great Father, strike these sinners, that they... may feel your wrath...

Confessor Zalmour Lucianada

Zalmour Lucianada, also known as Zalmo Rusnada, is a confessor for the Church of Glabados in Final Fantasy Tactics. After Ramza Beoulve is charged with heresy, Zalmour attempts to arrest him.


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Zalmour appears outside the Royal City of Lesalia, where he informs Ramza that he has been charged with heresy and attempts to apprehend him. Ramza fights back along with his sister Alma, and Zalmour is forced to leave empty-handed. Zalmour later tries again by surrounding a church near Zeltennia Castle while Ramza is inside. Zalmour fails to realize that it is not just Ramza, but Delita Heiral as well, who is inside. Zalmour realizes that Delita is not loyal to the church as he had thought, and Delita realizes Zalmour must die before he can tell his superiors what he knows.

Ramza wishes he did not have to fight Zalmour, knowing that the confessor is unaware of the Lucavi presence within the Knights Templar, and genuinely believes he is doing the right thing. He is left with no choice, however, and helps Delita kill Zalmour. As Zalmour dies, he prays for God to punish the wicked.

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Zalmour is fought twice, first at Lesalia and finally at Zeltennia. During the battle at Lesalia, Zalmour is level 24 with 54 Bravery and 78 Faith, and comes equipped with the Musk Pole, Wizard's Hat, White Robe and Elven Cloak. He has access to the Priest Magicks command, and comes with Lifefont, Archer's Bane, Halve MP, and a random action ability. He is inherently immune to all negative statuses except Blind, Confuse, Oil, Silence, Berserk, and Slow.

In the last battle at Zeltennia Church, he is level 35 with 54 Bravery and 78 Faith, and comes equipped with the Wizard's Rod, Celebrant's Miter, White Robe, and Elven Cloak. He still uses Priest Magicks, but now only comes with a random action ability and random Squire abilities. He is innately immune to the same statuses as before.


When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, he is level 99 and starts with 97 Bravery and 70 Faith. He comes equipped with the Eight-Fluted Pole, Thief's Cap, Luminous Robe, and a random accessory. He still uses the Priest Magicks command, as well as the abilities Magick Counter, Arcane Strength, Lifefont, and a random secondary command. He is immune to the same statuses as before.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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