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Here dying, join my legion of undeath. Your blood, the roses on unhallow'd graves!


Zalera (FFT-ZALHERA.png) is the third Lucavi demon whom Ramza Beoulve must fight in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is associated with the Gemini auracite and has possessed Marquis Elmdore of Limberry. Zalera is assisted by two Ultima Demons, Celia and Lettie, who are disguised as human women.


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Ramza fights Zalera at Limberry Castle after fighting Elmdore once at Riovanes Castle. Ramza must fight his way past Celia and Lettie to gain entry into the castle and face Elmdore who is backed by the two. During the battle, if Celia and Lettie are killed, they will return to their Ultima Demon form. Once the marquis is weakened, he retreats into the undercroft where he transforms into Zalera. Before Ramza can reach the undercroft, he must fight a resurrected Argath to enter.

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Zalera's job is Angel of Death (PS)/Death Seraph (WotL). He has moves similar to Cúchulainn, but is more powerful, and calls on several undead units to aid him. Ramza gains the aid of Meliadoul Tengille as a guest during this battle, and once Zalera is defeated, he dies and drops the Gemini Stone.

Zalera is level 44 with 70 Bravery and Faith, and has about 1125 HP and 730 MP. He is immune to negative statuses except Blind and Slow.


When fought in the thirteenth Rendezvous battle: Nightmares, he is level 99 and carries the same abilities and status immunities as previously.


Servant to a power beyond earthly comprehension. Uses Dread to lull targets into eternal repose.

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
5 4 7 (11 PS) 24% High High Average High


Innate Abilities[]


Lucavi job command. This special technique shatters the mind, causing status effects.


The damage formula for magick attacks are as follows:

The formula for success rate of status attacks are as follows:

Original Name WotL Name Description Range Effect Speed
Darkness Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Blind.
Quote: "Mercy?...not from me! Darkness!"
5 1 Now
Spell Bind Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Stop.
Quote: "One step closer to hell! Spell!"
5 2 Now
Chicken Race Fowlheart Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Disable.
Quote: "Run for your lives! Chicken Race!"
5 1 Now
Nightmare Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Sleep, Doom.
Quote: "On the verge of death... Nightmare!"
5 2 Now

Ja Magic/Ja Magicks[]

Death Seraph job command. These ultimate incantations disperse powerful magick over a wide area.

Original Name WotL Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Toad 2 Toadja Magick that turns its target into a toad. Casting it on a toad will restore it to its natural form.
Effect: Toad.
Quote: "Join the Froggers! Frog2!"
35 4 2 25
Gravi 2 Gravija Magick that conjures up a supermassive field, inflicting damage with powerful gravitational forces.
Quote: "Attack with a silent cry! Gravi2!"
35 4 2 25
Flare 2 Flareja Magick that converts energy into heat, scorching the battlefield with searing temperatures.
Quote: "Flames from hell, gather and fire away! Flare2!"
35 4 2 25
Blind 2 Blindja Magick that uses darkness to rob the target of sight, reducing their success rate for direct attacks.
Effect: Blind.
Quote: "Turn off Heaven's light... Blind2!"
35 4 2 25
Confuse 2 Confuseja Magick that causes the target to lose their rational nature and perform random actions.
Effect: Confuse.
Quote: "Listen to the Mad King... Confuse2!"
35 4 2 25
Sleep 2 Sleepja Magick that puts the target to sleep.
Effect: Sleep.
Quote: "Sink into the dark world of unconsciousness! Sleep2!"
35 4 2 25

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

FFBE Zalera FFT Sprite.png

Zalera the Death Seraph is an enemy in the Final Fantasy Tactics exchange event The Auracite Chosen. He is the boss battle for the stage 'Chosen by the Stone - PRO'.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Zalera, Skeletal Fiend, Bonesnatch, & Skeleton FFT.png
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Zalera's name may be an anagram of Azrael. Azrael is an angel in the Abrahamic religions known as the Angel of Death.

In the original version of the game, Zalera's name is mispelled as Zarela in his fight against Ramza at the Limberry Undercroft.