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Death Seraph who scathes foes with angelic light.

In-Game Description

Zalera is the Rank III Holy Ranged Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Its basic attack, Holy, deals heavy damage to a single enemy, and its special attack, Holyja, deals heavy damage to a small group of enemies.

Despite its element being Holy, it is listed among the non-elemental Espers rather than among the healing Espers.

Stats Edit


Mission 64

Statistics Edit

Zalera, while having tremendous magickal attribute, has the lowest Attack Speed as well as the longest time between attacks, 4 to 3.5 seconds (simplified calculation), of all of the Espers. Zalera has the highest Speed, along with Shiva and Ultima, regarding the time between gambit ability and basic attacks of all of the Ranged Espers.

Zalera's basic attack, Holy, is magickal, and thus uses Zalera's Magick stat to calculate damage. Holy deals damage to one foe, with its hit style being seamless without range as long as the target has been within Zalera's sight range. Holy deals damage to the unit closest to the smiting light.

Zalera's Holyja deals heavy damage to all foes in range. The time between Holyja and the next action is seamless, allowing Zalera to cast Holy immediately afterwards. Holyja has a recharge time of roughly 25 seconds, which becomes 19 seconds if Zalera is inflicted with Haste.

Zalera, being a powerful magickal damage dealing Esper, is favorably used against Rank III Flying Espers, such as Ramuh and even Bahamut. Zalera's Holy may rarely hit Flying enemy Leaders (aegyl), but it always deals tremendous damage to normal Flying enemies.

Zalera's Holy is inaccurate and usually misses any single targeted Melee units, leaving Zalera easily eradicated by Melee attackers.

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  • Despite being an Undead type being, Zalera is not weak to Holy or Healing, unlike the Zombies and Vampyrs. Hence, he can be healed by magicks like Cure and Regen.
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