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Zadehl Southersands is a location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It comprises the western area of the Zadehl Desert, which is located southeast of the Lanzelt region's most important settlement, Grandport. It is home to the esper Golem.

It is an optional dungeon that can be unlocked by going to Zadehl Westersand - Exploration and talking to a boy lying on the ground; the player then must choose to give him water, found near the oasis. Once the exploration is finished, the Zadehl Southersands are unlocked.

The player must defeat Golem at the stage 'Zadehl Southersands - Sealed Zone' and he will join the party. The stage 'Trial of the Guardian' appears when Golem (1★) reaches level 30, while 'New Trial of the Guardian' appears when Golem (2★) reaches level 40.


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In the past, tribes native to the region worshipped Golem as a guardian of the desert. However, at some point, it was sealed away in altar located at what is now the ruins of a lost city.

While on their way to Dirnado to protect the Wind Crystal, two knights from Grandshelt Isles, Rain and Lasswell, journey to Golem's altar in hopes of receiving help from the esper so they can become stronger. Upon completing his trial, they are bestowed with his power.

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