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Shinra SOLDIER 1st Class. Upbeat and brimming with vitality, he dreams of becoming a hero, but is caught up in a certain incident with his friend Cloud while on a mission. It is during their life-or-death escape from this plight that Zack makes up his mind to become a mercenary.


Zack is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter Shining In, Someday.



Zack is depicted in a black 1st Class SOLDIER uniform.

In his alternate costume, "SOLDIER Op, 2nd Class", Zack is depicted in his time as a SOLDIER 2nd Class. His hair has several bangs hanging over his face and he wears an indigo SOLDIER uniform, gloves and boots.


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Act 2, Ch. 7: Respite's Authenticity[]

Retrieving Zack's brilliance[]

After Sephiroth seizes Materia's throne and becomes a god of the world of respite, Zack, Cloud, the Warrior of Light, Tidus, Yuna, and Jecht encounter a lifelike manikin of Zack striking one of Jecht. The false Zack explains that imposters have infiltrated the ranks of the warriors and warns them to dispatch of them as quickly as possible. As the clones of Tidus and Jecht react in betrayed anger and confusion at the attack, Cloud realizes that the manikins have access to their memories, and that strong emotional attachments can make it difficult to see through the imposters' disguises. Zack demands of his manikin how he even knows that he is one of the manikins; the false Zack tells him that he will explain everything in time, so long as they fight the false Tidus and Jecht. The warriors strike down the imposters.

After the battle, Zack discusses the new threat with Ignis, Noctis, Cloud and Vivi. Cloud infers that the manikins are near-replicas of their real selves because they have been injected with Jenova cells and thus are capable of reshaping others' perceptions of reality. The warriors struggle to identify a way to tell the manikins apart from their real selves. Eventually Ignis suggests that the only way to know for certain is to fish for information that the manikins could not possibly know, since the manikins are merely reflecting their own memories. Zack commends Ignis for his tactically valuable insight.

Not long afterwards, Ignis summons the warriors to his location to regroup. Cloud, Zack, Prompto and Noctis arrive to find that Ignis has discovered Prompto's and Noctis' clones. Cloud immediately draws his weapon on the clones, leading an alarmed false Prompto to plead for his life. Zack is uncertain and only chooses to commit to the fight when Cloud reaffirms that the clones would devolve into monsters if left unchecked. When it is clear that conflict becomes inevitable, the false Prompto and Noctis she their appearances, revealing themselves as dark manikins of Zack. The warriors defeat the manikins in battle.

Zack continues on the journey, accompanied by Cloud, Firion, the Onion Knight, and Ignis. They discover a large number of clones conversing vacuously in a large cave. As Zack ponders who so many puppets were created in his form, the warriors reason that they are being manipulated by Sephiroth. Ignis suggests that the warriors detour from retrieving Zack's brilliance so they can stop Sephiroth, but Zack dissents. He is distraught at how his manikins have manipulated so many of his friends and wishes to put a stop to the clone crisis first. In light of Zack's dismay, Firion reminds him that he and the other warriors stand to support him.

The warriors pass through a rainy plain when Galuf and Bartz suddenly fall terribly ill. They transform into monsters shortly thereafter, sowing chaos in the warriors' ranks. As more and more warrior-clones turn, Zack's dark manikin approaches Zack. He mysteriously comments on the goddess' idea of respite upon seeing Aerith and Cloud summoned to stand by Zack's side. The two agree to clash in battle so their memories could be reunited, but the dark manikin warns Zack that the return of his memories will be very painful.

Zack defeats his dark manikin and his memories are restored. When Cloud checks on him, Zack - remembering things that Cloud does not - encourages him and tells him that he upheld his honor and his dreams. Zack then thanks Cloud, who turns away and brushes it off. As his manikin did, Zack then ruminates on how Materia considered Cloud's concept of respite by summoning both Aerith and Tifa to this world. He falls silent for a while before telling Cloud not to worry about anything until it is time for Cloud to regain his own brilliance. Zack asks Cloud to call a strategy meeting so he can brief the other warriors on insights from his newly-restored memories. At the meeting, Zack explains that Sephiroth aims to become a god and that he currently stands within Materia's chambers. Cloud calls on the warriors to press forward to stop Sephiroth.

Confronting Sephiroth[]

The warriors give chase and find themselves in a military installation similar to the Lucian countryside fortresses which were seized by Niflheim. They encounter Vayne, who had been waiting for them at the entrance. As Vayne and Ignis exchange intelligence, Zack reasons that Sephiroth's strategy with the clones had been to undermine the will of Materia's warriors, a crucial pillar of the world of respite's stability. Eventually Vayne ponders if the warriors have the strength to stop Sephiroth. He singles out Noctis in particular, as Noctis appears to lack the ambitious resolve of kinghood. Ignis challenges Vayne to a sparring match to prove Noctis' will and Zack heeds his call to arms. After the battle, Vayne relents, understanding that Noctis' strength comes not from ambition but from the strength of his bonds to his comrades. He offers his aid if summoned and disappears back through a torsion.

The warriors press forward through the military base when Zack and Cloud see Sephiroth just before he steps through a torsion. They give chase and find themselves in Materia's chambers. Sephiroth taunts Zack, monologuing about his ascendancy to godhood, and chides him for failing SOLDIER. Zack calls him monstrous and then declares his will to fight to protect everything he has. To this, Sephiroth retorts by telling Zack how he had already lost everything he loves. Enraged, Zack attacks Sephiroth and calls his friends to his side for the battle.

After they defeat Sephiroth, Materia's seat is vacated and the area becomes increasingly unstable. A planesgorger emerges from a torsion directly into Materia's chambers. Mog, sensing the danger of continued conflict in this space, teleports all the combatants into a the ruins of a city resembling Insomnia, where the conflict continues. Sephiroth declares his boredom with the fight when he is suddenly interrupted by Spiritus, who appears to support the warriors of light in thwarting Sephiroth's plans. Spiritus attempts to seal Sephiroth behind a torsion but because Sephiroth unseated Materia as god, he frees himself from their rules in the world of respite. Sephiroth instead uses the torsion to escape instead.


After Sephiroth leaves, Spiritus resummons Materia and reveals her to still be alive. She remains incapacitated from Sephiroth's earlier attack on her. He instructs Zack and the other warriors to return her to her chambers while he searches for the weakness in the world which allowed her to be toppled. Once Materia is back on her throne, the warriors demand answers from her regarding the sequence of events that had just transpired. Materia despondently explains that while she has no understanding of what form of respite is required of wills, she is still compelled to obey and to be the god of the world they are in. As the throne cannot e empty, warriors entreat her to be their strength on the throne as they fight for the world of respite's continued survival. Zack reassures Materia that they have no intention of abandoning her and offers to visit her again after she rests and recovers.

Zack and the other warriors leave Materia's chambers and wander for some time through the city ruins before eventually returning to Mog's airship. In a conversation with the Warrior of Light, Noctis, Ignis, Lightning and Locke, Locke expresses his pity for Materia and that it is unfair for them to turn their anger towards her for their circumstances. Zack reaffirms his desire to confer with Materia again to ensure that the world of respite can be made better for each and all of the warriors.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Hardedge (VII).png Hardedge (VII)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Buster Sword ver. Z (VII).png Buster Sword ver. Z (VII)
(5★) / 35CP
Based on its version from Dissidia NT. Updated design based on its version from Crisis Core.
DFFOO Enhance Sword (VII).png Enhance Sword (VII)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Enhance Sword (VII)+.png Enhance Sword (VII)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
DFFOO Heaven's Cloud (VII).png Heaven's Cloud (VII)
(5★) / LD (90CP)
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Bulletproof Vest (VII).png Bulletproof Vest (VIII)
(5★) / 35CP
DFFOO Shinra Alpha (VII).png Shinra Alpha (VII)
(5★) / 90CP
Original design. Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
DFFOO Shinra Alpha (VII)+.png Shinra Alpha (VII)+
(6★) / 130CP
DFFOO Genji Gloves (VII).png Genji Gloves (VII)
(7★) / 210CP
Original design.
DFFOO Genji Gloves (VII)+.png Genji Gloves (VII)+
(7★) / 230CP


Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Melee DFFOO Zack BRV Attack.jpg
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP, Melee DFFOO Zack HP Attack.jpg
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
Chain Slash
BRV, Melee, Buff DFFOO Chain Slash.png
5-HIT BRV attack.

Provokes the target and grants Action Delay Down. Deals more damage when an enemy is targeting the user.

Rush Assault
BRV+HP, Melee, Buff DFFOO Rush Assault.png
8-HIT BRV+HP attack.

Grants Max BRV Up. Deals more damage when an enemy is targeting the user.

Initial Advance
Self, Buff, Overflow DFFOO Initial Advance.jpg
Slightly raises Initial BRV for 2 turns.

BRV stolen can overflow by a small amount for 2 turns. No action delay. Doesn't increase turn count. Decreases Friend Support and Summon action count.

EX Ability, BRV+HP, Magic, Buff, Debuff DFFOO Apocalypse.png
6-HIT AoE BRV+HP attack.

HP damage is divided equally amongst all enemies. Raises the total potency when an enemy is targeting the user. BRV can overflow up to 150% Max BRV. Provokes all enemies for 4 turns (Lock debuff). Grants BRV Barrier (BRV Barrier nullifies BRV damage under 150% Initial BRV. If the incoming BRV damage is above that %, lowers BRV damage by that value. Dispelled if broken.) for 4 turns.



  • Zack's trailer shows him fighting both a Laguna and King manikin in the rain with a knocked-out Cloud beside him. This alludes to him fending off countless gunmen while trying to protect Cloud in the ending of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
  • Zack's alternate skin depicts him with a standard issue SOLDIER sword as opposed to his primary Buster Sword in its artwork (making him one of the few characters to have a different weapon wielded in his alternate skin artwork), though he cannot equip it.
  • The way Zack poses when about to use his EX Ability alludes to the pose he makes on the title screen for Crisis Core.