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Those who believe this company will see no riches are shortsighted fools. The giving of oneself 'tis an investment in the future─thus did I sign my name to the cause.

Yuyuhase Luluhase, also known as Golden Eye Yuyuhase, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. Previously employed as an aetheryte guard, he later signs up for the Crystal Braves.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Yuyuhase is a male dunesfolk lalafell with blond hair and light yellow eyes. He is generally seen wearing the ultramarine uniform of the Crystal Braves.

Personality Edit

He is chiefly preoccupied with accumulation of wealth, and unabashedly so. He frequently bears a smug grin, even as he betrays Alphinaud to his face. He wore the same callous expression as Laurentius regretfully carried out Ilberd's plan to sacrifice his soldiers. To add to his more insufferable traits, he expressed annoyance to the Warrior of Light at having to get himself in harm's way while pursuing Harriers in the Coerthas Central Highland, despite having volunteering as a soldier in the Crystal Braves.

Story Edit

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A Realm Reborn Edit

Yuyuhase is among the initial recruits for Alphinaud's Crystal Braves, where he is distributed the ultramarine uniform during its inauguration. He is later seen during the search for the Harriers in Coerthas, where he gets in a skirmish with one of them outside Boulder Downs, allowing the Adventurer to follow a trail of blood to catch the heretic meeting with a shady merchant.

Riol begins to become suspicious of him and Ilberd when they begin telling contradictory stories about a shipment of black market weapons from a merchant involved in the unrest in Ul'dah, and warns the Adventurer of something not right within the Crystal Braves. These prediction would prove true as the Crystal Braves turn on the Scions and General Raubahn at the Sultana's banquet, with Yuyuhase's men holding Alphinaud at swordpoint.

Heavensward Edit

Later, when the Adventurer, Alphinaud and Yugiri Mistwalker attempt to rescue Raubahn, who had been taken to Halatali for execution, Yuyuhase confronts them in battle alongside Ilberd and Laurentius. After being defeated, he flees.

He is seen again alongside Laurentius during The Griffin's assault on Baelsar's Wall, smugly looking on as the Resistance soldiers were massacred.

Stormblood Edit

After the liberation of Ala Mhigo, Raubhan informs the Warrior of Light that Laurentius and Yuyuhase had been found and arrested. He asks their opinion of what should be done with them, and says that he will bring their opinion into consideration when they are brought before trial.

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