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Yusuke Naora.

Born January 9, 1971 in Shimane, Japan, Yusuke Naora (直良 有祐, Naora Yūsuke?) was an art director, art supervisor, and character designer for Square Enix. He worked for the company from 1993 to 2016.[1]

Works within the series[]

Game Release Work
Final Fantasy VI 1994 Field Graphic Designer
Final Fantasy VII 1997 Art Director
Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Art Director
Final Fantasy X 2001 Art Director
Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Special Thanks
Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- 2004 Art Supervisor
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 2005 Art Director
Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- 2006 Art Supervisor
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- 2007 Concept Art Supervisor
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete 2009 Art Director
Final Fantasy XIII 2009 Concept Art Supervisor
Final Fantasy Type-0 2011 Art Director
Final Fantasy XIII-2 2011 Character Designer: Caius Ballad
Costume Designer: Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2013 Art Design
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster 2013 Art Supervisor
Final Fantasy Agito 2014 Art Supervisor
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 2015 Art Supervisor
Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV 2016 Character Supervision
Final Fantasy XV 2016 Art Director
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 2017 Concept art: The Orders

In-game appearances[]

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Yusuke Naora.

Yusuke Naora appears as a Support Personnel of Akademeia. He shares the character model with Jack.