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Yuraisha is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Under the title as the Mother of Hess, she is the leader of the Hess people. She was a major figure during the Paladian civil war where she fought for her people's independence from Aldore. Yuraisha was thus the leader of Hess' Eight Sages.

She is the biological mother of Rowen and by proxy the paternal grandmother of Lasswell as well as a maternal figure for Raegen (who himself is Lasswell's adoptive father).



Yuraisha is a middle-aged woman wearing long blue robes with several rich adornments. Her hair is light blond. Like many other characters, Yuraisha has gone through an immortality procedure and thus has stopped aging. She is over 700 years old.


Yuraisha is caring and charismatic. Although forced to go to war against Aldore, she was always concerned with the sacrifices that would occur, and was able to lead many into her cause. Although Yuraisha did not rule out diplomacy to solve problems, it is hinted that she was stubborn enough to accept nothing short of certain guarantees. Raegen blamed this part of her as to why the war broke out as it did. Yuraisha is looked up to as a leader by many, and she cares greatly about her subordinates and those who she leads and those who request her aid.


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Yuraisha is the mother of Rowen and a maternal figure to Raegen, having raised them both. At some point Yuraisha, leading Hess as its "Mother," declared independence from Aldore, which the latter rejected. Raegen as the leader of the Sworn Eight of Paladia was sent in several diplomatic missions to try to reach an agreement with Yuraisha, but she did not accept the terms leading to the infamous war. Raegen partially blamed this on her while standing against her in the war. Her own son, Rowen, would stand besides her as one of the Eight Sages.

As the war waged with Hess on a military disadvantage, they requested the help of several Espers who gladly joined their cause, Bahamut being one of them, and it is hinted that Yuraisha was able to convince them. In due time she formed Hess' Eight Sages as her lieutenants. In one meeting with the sages and Yuraisha, Sol requested to be sent to the frontlines as he lacked emotions and thus was incapable of feeling fear, wanting to fight to bring emotions out. Yuraisha allowed this.

When Aldore developed Magitek the scales of the war turned on their favor. This, along with the eventual sealing of the Sages into Crystal, secured Aldore's victory. Paladia was formed from the inclusion of Hess into Aldore. When the Sworn Eight were betrayed by the leaders of Aldore and expelled into Lapis, Yuraisha was sentenced to a life of eternal imprisonment. Her legacy remained strong in the descendants of Hess, who would live in seclusion and call themselves the Children of Hess and try to rebuild Hess and rescue her.

During their travels to Crystallis, the Sworn Six of Paladia encountered members of the Children of Hess, who after testing their character through questions and battle, requested their aid to rescue Yuraisha who remained imprisoned in Runferia Castle. Raegen himself was surprised that she was still alive, and tried to rescue her, thinking that her help would be invaluable along with his own personal feelings.

The group ventured deep into the castle and found Yuraisha chained and weakened. Although Folka restored her back to health, Yuraisha declared that her immortality was reaching its end, and her time was limited. She was surprised and rejoiced to see Raegen again, and wondered about the Eight Sages. Raegen explained that a few of them were still alive. The Children of Hess were shocked that Hess's royal blood would die, and with it any chance to rebuild Hess. Raegen reassured Yuraisha that the royal bloodline still lived for she had a grandson called Lasswell.

Yuraisha wanted to use a special communication spell to rally opposition to the Emperor. The Sworn Six escorted her to a library where she could find the means to use the spell. Raegen spoke with Yuraisha during their travels, revealing Rowen's fate in Lapis and his ultimate demise, and how Raegen ended up adopting Lasswell. The Sworn Six and Yuraisha faced Zolulu and Delulu of the Orders who had taken Children of Hess as hostages to coerce them. Upon revealing they had massacred them for sadistic delight, the Sworn Six terminated the duo, but their joy was cut short when Mid arrived warning of the arrival of Yego, the Orders' Gamma Star, who proved too strong of an opponent and forced them to flee.

With Yego in hot pursuit the Sworn Six battled her while buying Yuraisha time to cast her spell. She projected an image of herself to the entire planet, inspiring opposition to the Emperor as she referred to Lasswell without directly naming him as the bearer of Hess' legacy. Exhausted by the spell, Yuraisha passed away as Raegen bid her a mournful farewell, calling her mother one last time. Yuraisha's actions spurned the Children of Hess into action to wage open war against Aldore by joining forces with Lasswell's party and the Sworn Six so they could defeat the evil empire.

When Vlad was revealed to be alive and the true mastermind ruling Aldore, the parties defeated him, revealing his true monstrous Ogre form towering over mountains. The parties destroyed his real soul housed in the Crystal on his forehead, causing a remnant to trap them in an alternate dimension where he spawned lesser copies of his Ogre form to attack them. As the party summoned visions of their comrades, Yuraisha, Rowen, Mombert and Hess' Four Sages were summoned to aid Raegen defeat the Ogre monsters, allowing the party to terminate Vlad for good.

Following the battle, a monument was erected in Yuraisha's honor, known as the Mother's Grave, considered a sacred place for members of Hess. Lasswell, now King of Hess, visited her grave with Raegen as a sign of respect to his grandmother whom he never met, promising to build a better future.

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Yuraisha appears a 5-7★ summonable unit. She is a 'buffer', able to greatly boost the party's stats during battle. Her equipment selection consists of daggers, staves, rods, instruments and whips, along with hats, clothes, light armor, robes and accessories.