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Yura is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is an esper residing in the Esper World, who wishes to go to the human world to free those of his kind imprisoned by the Gestahlian Empire.



Yura has a humanoid appearance with light blue hair tied into a ponytail and tufts of blue hair on his shoulders. He wears no clothes except for a green loincloth and blue bracers on his wrists and ankles. He bears a strong resemblance to Maduin, but it is not known if they have any connection.


Yura is angry at humans and wants vengeance for the empire's foray into the magical realm, but when the espers' attack gets out of hand, Yuna feels guilty when he realizes innocents got caught up in the raid. During a treaty negotiation, Yura apologizes on the espers' behalf and says they are in no position to ask for forgiveness to demonstrate his sincerity for peace.


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When the Returners decided to ask the espers for aid in attacking the Imperial capital Vector, they sent Terra into the Cave to the Sealed Gate to try and speak to the espers. As Terra called to them through the gate, by happenstance a number of espers led by Yura had gathered near the gate, pondering what to do about the espers the Empire had abducted eighteen years ago and turned into magicite. Yura and Terra's power connected through the gate and opened it by force, and Yura and his comrades rushed through.

However, at the moment the espers entered the human world, they lost control of themselves and their powers. Furious over the deaths of their friends, Yura and the espers razed Vector, causing massive civilian casualties. As the Returners came to investigate in their airship, the Blackjack, the espers turned their rage on them and critically damaged the ship, sending it into a crash landing near Maranda.

Yura and the espers with him retreated to the Esper Caves on Crescent Island, a sacred place to the espers that held a shrine to the Warring Triad. Meanwhile, the Returners and the Empire negotiated a ceasefire, and Emperor Gestahl asked the Returners to accompany General Leo to Crescent Island to search for the espers and bring them in on the peace talks before they attacked again. Accompanied by Locke, Strago, and Relm, Terra found the espers, but they surrounded Terra and her allies in preparation to attack them. Yura called for them to halt and communed with Terra, the two recognizing the other's power.

Yura explained how he and his comrades had crossed through the portal and lost control of their powers. Ashamed of their actions in the attack on Vector, Yura agreed to meet with General Leo. At Thamasa, Yura and Leo quickly reached an understanding and exchanged apologies and wishes for reconciliation. Though the meeting was hopeful, it was soon interrupted by Kefka. Kefka revealed the peace talks were all a ruse and he was there under orders from Gestahl to kill the espers and claim their magicite, and he slaughtered Yura and his companions and took their magicite.

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Other media[]

In the Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Yura is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage job.

Behind the scenes[]

The esper who guards the gate in the esper world in Terra's flashbacks to her birth and the Imperial invasion uses the same sprite as Yura. It is not known if it is intended for this esper to be Yura, or if he just uses the same sprite as him; in all versions of Final Fantasy VI, this esper is unnamed and referred to in dialogue as "Youth".