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A summoner accompanied by Valefor. She accuses Reynn and Lann of bringing calamity to Grymoire. But why?

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Yuna is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Yuna originating from Final Fantasy X. Yuna is one of three character representatives of that game, the other two being Tidus and Rikku.




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Yuna first encounters Reynn and Lann at Forest Lake after performing her Sending dance. Seeing them in their Jiant forms, Yuna mistakes the duo for Heralds and in her anger, summons a Mirage Valefor to battle them. After their battle, she comments on their use of Mirages and likens them to how Lusse Farna used them. She brings the twins to a monolith of Lusse Farna and explains to them the mythology of Grymoire passed down through the common people. Yuna suggests to the twins that they go to Saronia to look for the whereabouts of Castle Exnine and their mother, suggesting that they pass through Icicle Ridge and obtain Mirages with fire magic. After the twins leave, she is ambushed by the Plumed Knight but remains safe as she produced an illusion of herself.

Who's Who[]

CV: Hedy Burress / Mayuko Aoki
Age in Grymoire: 17
Familiar: Valefor
Notes: Leader of Grymoire's few summoners / Mature and responsible for her age / Seems kind of tense / The pyreflies seen with her are not the ones you know
Leader Among Summoners
There are few alive today in Grymoire who have the power of the summoners, and even fewer actively practicing the art. Worried that their legacy may soon die out, Yuna resolved to take up the burden of preserving their techniques for future generations. It's stressful, but satisfying work.
Yuna is close with Rydia and Eiko. The two younger summoners admire Yuna's maturity and look up to her as a kind of big sister. She tries to teach by example, but the strain of being "on" all the time was starting to get to her... That's when she met Tidus. Although she still hasn't realized it, he's quickly becoming the person she leans on when things get tough.
I'll Come Running
Anyone familiar with the original Yuna might remember a certain series of events during which she learned how to whistle. Lilikin or not, Grymoire or not, it's hard not to smile when watching these two have a nostalgic little exchange like this.
Developer's Note
We all really do love this gal. More than with any other character, we had people on the team complain fiercely that "Yuna would never do that!" during production. Still, the Grymoirian Yuna is the Grymoirian Yuna, and while we acknowledged everyone's objections, we did our best to create a new Yuna while still paying homage to the old. We hope you like her as much as ever!
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Yuna is fought as a boss alongside Valefor in Forest Lake in Chapter 5, "The Champion Who Saved Grymoire".

Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on Intervention Quests that center around Yuna.

Yuna also appears in the following Intervention Quest.


As a Champion, Yuna can be summoned to assist Lann and Reynn in battle. Upon acquiring Yuna's Champion Medal, the player can summon her to revive any KO'd allies in the player's party as well as fully restoring HP with the ability Sending.

In the Maxima version, Reynn can take on the appearance of Yuna by equipping Yuna's Champion Jewel Yuna's Champion Jewel. In doing so, she inherits the abilities Cheer Cheer and Enhanced Cure.

Musical theme[]

"Prismelody: The Sending" plays when using Yuna's Champion Medal. The player may select this theme as the background music for battles from the Config section of the main menu, labeled as "Champion Theme: Yuna". This theme also plays in battles in Maxima version when Reynn is equipped with Yuna's Champion Jewel.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Yuna when talking to her.

Forest Lake (Chapter 5 only)
  • To get to Saronia, you will need to pass through a frigid place called Icicle Ridge.
    If you have Mirages who can use fire magic, you may find your passage considerably easier.
Port Besaid
  • If you ever need help from a summoner, all you have to do is let me know.
  • Hello there.
  • I don't know why, but Rydia and Eiko insisted that I stay here in Besaid.
    Even Terra's in on it now. What are they up to?
  • I wonder if I'll see Tidus again today.
  • The weather is lovely today.
  • Ha ha. Lately, it seems like everyone is trying to get me to rest.


Etymology and symbolism[]

Yuuna is the Okinawan word for Sea Hibiscus.