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Yuna was taken to Besaid after losing her father ten years ago. There she grew up with Wakka and Lulu, choosing to follow in her father's footsteps and become a summoner. Being very honest and open, she can't keep a secret for long.

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Yuna is a playable character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. She is a Summoner and a White Mage, and the only party member able to call forth aeons and thus take part in duels against other summoners. Her stat growth determines her aeons' stats.

Yuna is the only party member who briefly replaces Tidus as the main character.


Yuna casts NulTide in battle.

Yuna is a Summoner and White Mage. When using a counterattack, Yuna performs a regular attack on a ground-based fiend, and a forceful upper-left swing on flying fiends. When Yuna is low on HP she will slouch forward with her knees bent and hold her chest in pain. When she is at quarter HP left she will kneel on the ground. Her victory pose is to gasp as if surprised to win, then hold her staff in a horizontal position and bow.


Yuna's Strength, Defense and Accuracy are low, but she has high Magic, Magic Defense, Evasion, and Agility.

After completing her section of the Sphere Grid, Yuna can move into Rikku's section for a time, before moving into Lulu's. From there, Yuna will have access to Blk Magic, taking advantage of and further improving her already high Magic and MP.

Values in parentheses are node stat bonuses.

Stat Base Value Sphere Grid
Normal Expert
HP 475 3075 (2600) 2275 (1800)
MP 84 344 (260) 304 (220)
Strength 5 15 (10) 25 (20)
Defense 5 15 (10) 28 (23)
Magic 20 63 (43) 61 (41)
Magic Defense 20 56 (36) 53 (33)
Agility 10 46 (36) 37 (27)
Luck 17 27 (10) 17 (0)
Evasion 30 68 (38) 58 (28)
Accuracy 3 7 (4) 3 (0)


Yuna summons.

Yuna is the only party member who can summon aeons, and the only one with abilities outside the Sphere Grid. When summoned, an aeon replaces the current party in battle and can be controlled, having special attacks and an Overdrive of its own. With the Summoner's Soul and Aeon's Soul key items the player can teach aeons new abilities and raise their stat attributes at the expense of various items.

Yuna's default position on the Sphere Grid runs near Rikku's and Tidus's, and her representing color is white. Yuna has no Skill nodes and one Special Ability node. The "Nul" spells and Pray are both quick to cast, and act on the whole party. Within the Lv. Locks of Yuna's grid area are the following Wht Magic nodes:

Abilities denoted with an asterisk (*) are available in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X.

Sphere Grid[]

Ability Description Ability Description
Cure Restores a little HP to a party member. Esuna Removes most status ailments.
NulBlaze Negates one fire-elemental attack or spell. NulShock Negates one thunder-elemental attack or spell.
NulFrost Negates one ice-elemental attack or spell. NulTide Negates one water-elemental attack or spell.
Life Revives a fallen party member with 50% of their max HP. Pray Restores a small amount of HP to all allies (Actually Special, not Wht Magic).
Cura Restores a moderate amount of HP to party member. Shell Increases party member's Magic Defense.
Protect Increases party member's Defense. Reflect Reflects spells back at the caster.
Dispel Removes positive status buffs. Curaga Restores a lot of HP to a party member.
Regen Gradually restores HP each turn. Holy Deals massive holy-elemental damage to one enemy.
Auto-Life Automatically revives fallen party member upon KO with 25% max health. Quick Pockets* Swiftly use items with reduced recovery time (normally in Standard Sphere Grid).

Auto-Life is through the Level 4 Lock, making it unattainable at the beginning of the game.


Aeon Acquired Aeon Acquired
Valefor Besaid Temple Ifrit Kilika Temple
Ixion Djose Temple Shiva Macalania Temple
Bahamut Bevelle Temple Anima Baaj Temple*(Optional)
Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Fayth*(Optional) Magus Sisters Remiem Temple*(Optional)

Yuna's Overdrive is Grand Summon, which summons an aeon with a full Overdrive gauge. After the Overdrive is executed the gauge will return to its previous state. If the gauge was previously full, then the aeon can potentially use their Overdrive again, but the delay caused by using an Overdrive means this is not a very useful tactic.


Yuna uses rods for weapons and rings for armor.

Battle quotes[]


Celestial Weapon[]

Yuna's Nirvana.

To obtain Yuna's Nirvana, the player must go to the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands and agree to capture the nine different monsters that appear in the Calm Lands. Once the player has done so, a chest will appear at the front of the Monster Arena containing the Nirvana.

The Moon Crest is found in an alcove on a beach in Besaid, where Tidus meets Wakka at the beginning of the game. The chest is to the right of the beach and can be acquired immediately if the player wishes.

To obtain the Moon Sigil, players must travel to the Calm Lands and head for Remiem Temple where the player must defeat Belgemine's aeons. This requires the player to obtain Yojimbo and Anima, as Belgemine will not allow Yuna to challenge her Yojimbo or Anima until Yuna herself is able to summon them. Once the player has defeated to her Bahamut, Belgemine relinquishes the Flower Sceptre. The player must now capture at least one of every fiend on Mt. Gagazet for the Monster Arena. This will reward them with the Blossom Crown.

With the crown and the scepter, the door behind Belgemine will open, allowing the player to obtain the eighth and last aeon, the Magus Sisters. The player must now defeat Belgemine's Magus Sisters, and after the battle, the player will have a chance to send Belgemine, and will be given the Moon Sigil. If they refuse, Belgemine will remain in the temple. Defeating her Magus Sisters will prompt the player to send her again, and they will not receive the Moon Sigil until they do so.

The Nirvana deals more damage the closer Yuna is to her max MP.

The damage modifier formula is:

(10 + [100 * User's current MP ÷ User's Max MP]) ÷ 110

Upgrading the Nirvana with the Moon Crest will allow Valefor to break the damage limit. The Nirvana is arguably the easiest Celestial Weapon to fully upgrade, though players of the International or HD Remaster versions must obtain the Destruction Sphere treasures in Besaid and Macalania Temples on their first visit, should they wish to avoid facing Dark Valefor and Dark Shiva.

The following table lists the abilities the Nirvana will have after the appropriate upgrade is used.

Original Crest Sigil
Double Overdrive
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Double AP
One MP Cost

Affection level with Tidus[]

Yuna tosses the blitzball to Tidus.

Affection mechanics is a hidden gameplay element that governs certain cutscenes. Tidus's actions with other party members can decide who talks to Tidus in cutscenes and who throws the blitzball during Tidus's Overdrive Blitz Ace. How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden "affection" value in the game's code. All of the main characters (except Tidus) have an affection value. At the beginning of the game, all characters' affection values start at zero, but can be increased whenever Tidus heals a party member, whenever Tidus intercepts an enemy attack intended for another party member using either Guard or Sentinel, and whenever the player speaks first to a party member during times where everyone is spread out across the area. Whenever Tidus attacks another party member, their affection value decreases.