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A young lady once willing to throw all she had away to defeat Sin. But is the new Yuna prepared to do the same should she stand against Vegnagun?

Final Fantasy X-2 Dossier description

Yuna is the main playable character in Final Fantasy X-2. Having abandoned her old life and become more of a physical fighter, Yuna is a Gunner by default but performs equally well in any dressphere. Yuna has thirteen dresspheres, each acting as a job class with different abilities. She has a different victory pose depending on her equipped dressphere.


The girls all have different EXP totals and therefore progress at different rates. Yuna tends to lag behind, so she has the slowest level growth, requiring 1,350,322 EXP to reach level 99 compared with 1,249,480 for Rikku and 1,169,767 for Paine. However, in the International/PAL/HD Remaster versions, players can help mitigate Yuna's slow progress by having captured fiends fight alongside her to help her catch up with or get ahead of Rikku and Paine.

All of her other stats depend on what dressphere she has equipped. The only equipment are accessories, which are not character specific.


For the properties and abilities conferred by Yuna's dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2, see the links in the dresspheres gallery.

Party members' stats are governed by the dresspheres they equip, and thus Yuna performs equally well in any dressphere; the only dresspheres with unique stats and abilities for Yuna are Trainer, Mascot and Floral Fallal. In her Trainer dressphere, Yuna's pet is a dog called Kogoro that resembles aeon Yojimbo's dog. In her Mascot dressphere, Yuna is a moogle and specializes in magic: offensive with both elemental and non-elemental, as well as healing and support. Her special dressphere is Floral Fallal, where she dresses as a large purple flower reminiscent of the flowers on her skirt in Final Fantasy X.


Gunner's Gauntlet[]

Yuna is the player character for the Gunner's Gauntlet minigame played in Besaid.

Sphere Break[]

Yuna has a coin in the sphere break minigame played in Luca.

Yuna Coin
Silver Yuna Coin
Gold Yuna Coin
Coin No. 57 Coin Value 9
Trait Coin Count Echo
Location Win from the Bevelle Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.


In Chapter 5 the Besaid Aurochs are babysitting Wakka and Lulu's baby, Vidina, and allow the Gullwings to take their place in the tournament. Blitzball is available to play thereafter. Choosing 'Luca' from the airship's location menu drops Yuna off less than ten yards from the booth at the Luca Stadium Entrance, where the player can play the game. Team improvement points, capped at 100, are acquired over time.

Gullwings logo.jpg
Super Shots
Lv Start Max
SP 30 30
EN 3 41
AT 3 28
PA 4 84
BL 2 73
SH 2 42
CA 1 65
RNG 39 119
REC 45 154
RCH 50 50

Yuna at the entrance of the Luca Theater.