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A young summoner whose prayers call forth aeons and who is tasked with battling alongside them. Accepting her fate with youthful optimism, she admirably continues her fight.

Dissidia 012 Description

Yuna is a Warrior of Cosmos and is the third representative for Final Fantasy X in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. She once traveled across her world of Spira as a summoner, obtaining the aid of various aeons, entities of great power, to help her in her fight against Sin. She had many guardians, among them Tidus. Yuna now uses her aeons as her primary fighting style in the battle against the forces of Chaos. She regained her memories of Tidus sometime during the cycle of wars, but sadly, he has lost all of his memories of her.

In the game's story mode, her rival and opposing villain is the Emperor.



Yuna's default appearance is of her summoner's kimono from Final Fantasy X. She has brown hair, a blue, pleated furisode kimono with hibiscus floral pattern, black boots, and a black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash of material that wraps around her neck and over her chest. She wears a yellow patterned obi adorned with hibiscus flowers with a chōchō musubi knot and a decorative obidome to cinch the cords and two sleeves on her upper arms, along with black knee-high boots.

Yuna's first alternate outfit, "Violet Hakama", is based on an artwork Amano Morning Song drawn by Yoshitaka Amano. Her summoner dress is a lighter lavender color without floral pattern and her hair has a lighter brunette shade.

Yuna's second alternate outfit, "Wedding Dress", is what she wore during her wedding to Seymour Guado YunaSeymour-Marriage: a white, strapless gown cut in the front to reveal her thighs with a trail behind her. The dress has white feather ornamentation on the front hem and a pair of small feathered wings attached to a bouquet of roses on the back. White gloves, a tiara, high-heeled white shoes with knee-length translucent socks and a silver necklace complete the ensemble.

Yuna's DLC outfit is her "Gunner dressphere" from Final Fantasy X-2. She wears a white and pink spaghetti-string camisole with the Zanarkand Abes logo on her chest with a pink hood and yellow armbands. She wears a pair of denim hot pants with a blue ankle-length half-skirt covering her left hip held up by a brown belt with a pouch. She has a shorter, layered haircut, reminiscent of Tidus's, save for a long ponytail that reaches to her ankles wrapped in a pink sleeve. She wears knee-high black boots with white laces. Despite being dressed as a Gunner, she is still a summoner in gameplay.

Yuna's manikin, Ephemeral Summoner, is orange.


Yuna's weapon is the same weapon she wields in her original concept art and her default weapon in Final Fantasy X. It appears identical to how it did in the original game. FFX Weapon - Staff 1


I'm coming, too. I can't just sleep here while you're all out fighting. I can't turn my back on people like that. If I can help, then I'll keep fighting.


Yuna is a kind character and the most mature of the new team. She is a selfless young woman who has regained her memories of her companion and friend, Tidus. The Emperor describes Yuna as a "seasoned one", aware she has been involved in the battles prior to the twelfth cycle. Yuna tries her best to help and protect her friends.


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12th cycle[]

Yuna finds Tidus.

By the time of the 12th cycle, Yuna had fought in at least one past cycle, possibly more; she had recovered many memories of home but not everything, and was regarded by the Emperor as a "seasoned one".

Yuna took notice that Lightning was growing distant from the group and often went off alone, but when confronted Lightning refused to explain. After a fight with Exdeath, Lightning explains that she had found a rose that sparked her memories of home, and she was conflicted over if she had any control of her own fate, since she recalled that both home and here, she was being forced to fight for the gods. Yuna consoled her that they all had control over their own lives, and encouraged her to open up to her friends more. Lightning thanked her and asked Yuna to call her "Light".

When the two are called back to Order's Sanctuary by Cosmos they run into Golbez, who challenges them to gauge their strength. Vaan meets them and takes them to Laguna and Tifa, who got lost because Laguna was looking at their map upside down. Along the way Vaan mentions he met a boy that seemed to be from Yuna's world, but when he claims the boy was sullen and moody, Yuna is confused over who it could be; Vaan had met Tidus, but without most of his memories, Tidus was a very different person. After meeting Laguna and Tifa, they are joined by Kain and the six set off to Sanctuary together.

After receiving her dormant crystal from Cosmos, Yuna travels with Jecht, but they are separated. Lost and alone, she whistles for Tidus, wondering if their promise will hold true in this world as well. He does not recognize Yuna because his memories of her have been erased, and, unknown to Yuna, he, too, is looking for Jecht. Tidus warns her of the dangers of battle before running off. Convinced that he is Tidus, Yuna follows him.

Yuna trying to reason with Tidus.

When Tidus and Jecht are about to duel, Yuna intervenes and tries to return Tidus's memories by staying by his side until he remembers her. The Emperor appears and attacks Yuna, but Tidus steps in and receives the blow instead. Yuna asks Jecht to watch over him as she fights the Emperor to protect Tidus, though the Emperor callously implies she won't stay by his side as he dies. After the duel, the Emperor disappears with an unconscious Jecht who gave up his light to save his son, leaving Yuna devastated. Laguna and Vaan appear and cheer Yuna up, and the three return to Cosmos and talk to Lightning and the Warrior of Light. After learning of Warrior and Kain's plan, they refuse to go along and vow to fight the manikins to the very end. Yuna leaves Tidus in Cosmos's care, leading to Cosmos resurrecting him as one of her warriors in the thirteenth cycle.

Yuna travels with Lightning, Vaan and Laguna for the portal, reuniting with Kain and Tifa along the way. When the six reach Orphan's Cradle Yuna tells Tifa and Vaan she'll pretend she is looking forward to the oncoming battle. Later, at the Empyreal Paradox the three of them along with Laguna and Lightning fight Garland, The Emperor, the Cloud of Darkness, Kefka and Ultimecia, with Yuna dueling the Emperor again. Afterward, along with Kain, they face off against a horde of manikins and close the portal, but are defeated. As Shinryu takes Cosmos and the other warriors to the thirteenth cycle, Yuna and the others fade away in front of the Warrior before he is taken away himself.

Confessions of the Creator[]

After the party defeats the Southern Lufenia Gateway to access the northern continents, Yuna wanders near the Crescent Lake teleport stone, provided she is not currently in the party. She says that though she hoped they could have returned home after the war, it was a false hope the warriors nurtured while they were used as pawns, and the story's ending had thus already been decided. As the world of Confessions of the Creator is a hypothetical nightmare world where the cycles of war continued and Feral Chaos killed all summoned warriors, this Yuna is likely a specter of the Yuna of this alternate world. She vanishes when the passes the Mirage Sandsea to the Lands of Discord.

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Yuna is described as a Grand Summoner. Her attacks involve summoning aeons to fight for her: Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut. Her attacks are powerful and varied, and can deal decent damage. Her HP attacks are varied and hit over multiple horizontal and vertical ranges. Contrary to most magic-inclined characters, she is a melee and mid-ranged character with few long-ranged options. Her other shortcoming is her very small movepool, which can make her predictable and easy to punish. Her EX Mode substantially increases her damage output, but some of her attacks position the opponent differently, something that must be taken into consideration when setting them up for Assist combos.


Bravery Attacks[]

Bravery attacks
Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Meteor Strike Ground 30 (15) 80 Melee Low
Ranged Low (Shiva's attack in EX Mode)
Wall Rush Physical
Magical (Shiva's attack in EX Mode)
Initial Yuna MeteorStrike Normal.jpeg
Yuna MeteorStrike ExMode.jpeg
Summon Ifrit to attack twice with his claws, sending the opponent away.

In EX Mode, Shiva attacks by unleashing an ice shatter after Ifrit swipes, followed with a ice shard that drops on the opponent to direct to Ifrit's final claw attack.

Punch opponent with fire-laced fists. Knock opponent back with shattering punch. Destroys stage elements. Wall Rush (→)
Energy Blast Ground 30 (15) 80 Ranged Low
Melee Low (Ifrit's attack in EX Mode)
None Magical
Physical (Ifrit's attack in EX Mode)
Initial Yuna EnergyBlast Normal.jpeg
Yuna EnergyBlast ExMode.jpeg
Summon Valefor to fire five light orbs at the opponent.

In EX Mode, Ifrit appears with a slash which directs the opponent into Valefor's light orbs.

Fire five energy beams in a wave pattern. In EX Mode, Ifrit strikes before the attack. (Feint)
Aerospark Ground 30 (15) 80 Melee Mid (Charge attack)
Ranged Low (Thunder disks, Bahamut's attack in EX Mode)
Chase Physical (Charge attack)
Magical (Thunder disks, Bahamut's attack in EX Mode)
Level 27 Yuna Aerospark Normal.jpeg Yuna Aerospark ExMode.jpeg
Summon Ixion to charge forward with its horn to knock the opponent upwards, then fire disks of energy at them. Can be delayed by Circle press.

In EX Mode, Bahamut appears above and blasts the opponent with a single Impulse.

Charge and send opponent flying. Destroys stage elements Command Branch One-to-Two .png Fire 2 rings of light from horns. Chase
Fire 4 rings of light from horns. Chase
Hold down button then release. Fire 6 rings of light from horns. Chase
Impulse Aerial 30 (15) 80 Ranged Low None Magical Initial Yuna Impulse Normal.jpeg Yuna Impulse ExMode.jpeg
Summon Bahamut to fire a ball of energy. Can hold Circle to fire four balls of energy.

In EX Mode, Valefor appears and fires a fast energy ball which directs the opponent into Bahamut's Impulse blasts.

Fire one ball of light. (Feint)
Hold button down Fire 4 balls of light. (Feint)
Heavenly Strike Aerial 30 (15) 80 Ranged Low
Melee Low (Ixion's attack in EX Mode)
Wall Rush Magical
Physical (Ixion's attack in EX Mode)
Initial Yuna HeavenlyStrike Normal.jpeg Yuna HeavenlyStrike ExMode.jpeg
Summon Shiva to perform a three-hit combo with ice.

In EX Mode, Ixion appears in between Shiva's attacks, which he slashes to the right, then left and finishing with a uppercut.

Shatter ice shards at opponent's feet. In EX mode, Ixion also slashes at the enemy. Shatter ice shards at opponent's feet. In EX mode, Ixion also slashes at the enemy. Call down ice chunks over opponent's head. In EX mode, Ixion also slashes at the enemy. Wall Rush (↓)
Sonic Wings Aerial 30 (15) 80 Melee Low Chase
Wall Rush (Bahamut's attack in EX Mode)
Physical Level 12 Yuna SonicWing Normal.jpeg Yuna SonicWing ExMode.jpeg
Summon Valefor to spin from underneath the opponent, then knock them back with a gust of wind.

In EX Mode, Bahamut joins Valefor to blast the opponent away with a more powerful, stronger gust of wind.

Engulf foe in spinning slash attack. Destroys stage elements Command Branch One-to-Two .png ———Chase
EX Mode Only Send opponent flying with a shockwave. Wall Rush (→)

HP Attacks[]

HP attacks
Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Energy Ray Ground 30 (15) 150 Ranged High None N/A Initial Yuna EnergyRay.jpeg
Summon Valefor to fire a beam of energy, then send a burst of fire forward. Turns to track the opponent during start-up.
Fire ray at opponent and create column of flames. Crushes guards. Destroys stage elements.
Hellfire Ground 30 (15) 150 Melee High (Close range start-up)
Ranged High (Flames)
None Physical Level 8 Yuna Hellfire.jpeg
Summon Ifrit to create damaging pillars of fire. Has a high reach into the air. Can do Bravery damage on start-up at close range.
Launch columns of fire. Crushes guards. Destroys stage elements.
Thor's Hammer Aerial 30 (15) 150 Ranged High Absorb Magical Initial Yuna ThorsHammer.jpeg
Summon Ixion to create a large orb of lightning that hits the opponent multiple times and explodes.
Engulf opponent in an explosion with spheres of lightning. Crushes guards. Draws in foe. Destroys stage elements.
Diamond Dust Aerial 30 (15) 150 Ranged High None Magical Level 19 Yuna DiamondDust.jpeg
Summon Shiva to unleash a frozen gust of wind that condenses into a shard of ice. Fast execution but low range.
Freeze and shatter opponent. Crushes guards. Destroys stage elements.
Mega Flare Aerial 30 (15) 150 Melee High Wall Rush Magical Level 36 Yuna MegaFlare.jpeg
Summon Bahamut to fire a powerful energy ray. Yuna can move slightly while using the attack.
Fire an immense ray. Crushes guards. Destroys stage elements. Wall Rush (→)

EX Mode[]

Yuna in EX Mode.

Yuna's EX Mode is Grand Summon, named after her Final Fantasy X Overdrive. She gains an aura of pyreflies and the ability Double Summons, which automatically calls a second aeon to attack when Yuna uses a Bravery attack, increasing the length and power of her attacks.

Yuna's EX Burst is To the Farplane, where each of her aeons performs its Overdrive, unique attack or both while Yuna sends the opponent. The player has to enter button commands that appear on the screen as Yuna dances while on a sprout of water (similar to the Final Fantasy X sending in Kilika Port in that aspect), and the aeons attack the opponent from all directions. The player has to wait for the ring of light to appear around the command input and then press it just as it vanishes. After the sequence, Yuna ends the EX Burst by spinning and consuming the opponent in an explosion of pyreflies, with the last hit dealing HP damage.


Yuna can equip Rods, Staves, Guns, Poles, Bangles, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Ribbons, Clothing, and Robes.

Exclusive weapons[]

Exclusive weapons
Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Yevon's Will 30 BRV +41
ATK +38
EX Intake Range +1m Trade: 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite x1, Summoner's Desire x5
Yunalesca's Staff 90 BRV +34
ATK +62
EX Intake Range +2m Trade: 158000 gil, Yevon's Will, Electrum x1, Summoner's Dream x5
Spira's Hope 100 BRV +39
ATK +67
EX Intake Range +3m
Cat Nip effect
Trade: 182800 gil, Yunalesca's Staff, Braska's Sphere x1, Summoner's Hopes x5

Behind the scenes[]

When the developers decided to add Yuna there was discussion on if she should appear as a summoner or as a dressphere-based character. Under Tetsuya Nomura's advice it was decided to have Yuna be a summoner, because that was her role in the main series. Yuna's summons were difficult to implement as they can cause multiple character models to appear on the screen simultaneously. To save memory in the UMD and ease the strain put on the PlayStation Portable's CPU, her aeons only show half their bodies emerging from crests of light.

During chase sequences, when using the Bravery attack, the aeon summoned by Yuna varies depending on which direction the analog stick is moved along with Circle: Neutral Circle will result in Ifrit, Up and Circle will result in Ixion, and Down and Circle will result in Shiva. HP attacks in Chase Sequences are only performed with Shiva. When Yuna wins a battle, she performs her victory pose with a random aeon, which each has their own unique pose.

With the exception of the pyreflies that float around her, Yuna is the only character who gains no aesthetic changes when entering EX Mode - she does not equip a new weapon or change her appearance in any way.

Because in Final Fantasy X the player can name them, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy marks the first time Yuna refers to Tidus and her aeons by name.


Yuna walking barefoot in the FMV.

  • Yuna conjures the glyphs seen in Besaid Temple's Cloister of Trials to summon her aeons. This alludes both to her origins as a summoner from Besaid, and her methods of summoning aeons in Final Fantasy X where she'd summon them through the glyphs of each temple.
  • The name of Yuna's EX Mode refers to her Overdrive in Final Fantasy X, where she would summon an aeon that has a full Overdrive bar. The appearance of pyreflies around her alludes to the Oversoul term for empowered fiends in Final Fantasy X-2.
  • The scene where Yuna walks barefoot on water refers to her performance of the sending in Kilika Port in Final Fantasy X. She also performs her EX Burst, To the Farplane, on a waterspout. This scene is also depicted in the Final Fantasy X logo (Final Fantasy X logo). When starting a battle with Yuna, she walks and holds her staff the same way as in the beginning of the sending in Kilika, and then takes her battle pose by spinning around in a similar fashion as in the end of her EX Burst.
  • The five aeons Yuna can summon are Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, and Bahamut. These are the mandatory aeons in Final Fantasy X, as Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters are optional.
    • This is updated in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT so that Yuna's attacks are drawn from all eight aeons.
  • Yuna's Bravery moves are special attacks used by the aeons in Final Fantasy X, with exception of Energy Blast, which is Valefor's second Overdrive. In the same vein, her HP attacks are the aeons' Overdrives from Final Fantasy X.
  • Yuna turns her staff 360 degrees when using Hellfire. This alludes to her animation of summoning of Ifrit in Final Fantasy X.
  • Yuna spins her staff when she summons Bahamut to use Mega Flare. The spinning motion is in conjunction with the spinning wheel on Bahamut's back when he performs his Overdrive in Final Fantasy X.
  • When Yuna charges Bahamut's Impulse, she poses the same way she does when performing a summoning, throwing her arms back and looking up.
  • Yuna's EX Mode ability in the game's Japanese version is "W-Summon", which is the name of a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII that allows the equipped party member to perform two summons a turn.
  • Yuna's EX Burst alludes to Tidus's comment on the sending in Final Fantasy X: "People die and Yuna dances." During her EX Burst, just as she is about to deal the final blow, Yuna flips her hair in a similar manner as she did when she is seen by Tidus in the Besaid Temple before taking her pose like that of the promotional poster (promotional poster of Yuna) for Final Fantasy X. The line Yuna says when initiating her EX Burst, "I will end the spiral of conflict," alludes to the 'spiral of death' Spira is caught in in Final Fantasy X, along with the cycle of war in the Dissidia series. As she uses her EX Burst, she says, "Sins of time eternal... I will cast them away," referring to Sin.
  • The name of Yuna's battle style alludes to her Overdrive in Final Fantasy X.
  • When Yuna is searching for Jecht she whistles and Tidus comes to her, referring to how Tidus told her to whistle for him if she was lost and that he would come find her in Final Fantasy X.
  • When she is about to fight against herself, she says, "Is that me? Or are you an impostor?", referring to the beginning of Final Fantasy X-2 where Leblanc impersonated her at a concert in Luca.
  • When the Warrior of Light faces Yuna he says, "You can choose your own path," alluding to the message Braska left for his daughter Yuna in Final Fantasy X.
  • When Kefka faces Yuna he asks, "Would ya summon the Destroyer? Pretty please?", referring to Sin, the "destroyer" of Spira.
  • Her encounter lines to Kain and Exdeath are, "I will fight to end everyone's sorrow," and, "I want to put an end to everyone's sorrows!", respectively, referring to when she faces Yunalesca and vows to defeat sorrow.
  • As an unlockable voice clip Yuna can instead say, "I will do it without false hope," at the end of her EX Burst, a line she said to Lady Yunalesca in Final Fantasy X. She also refers to "false hope" in Confessions of the Creator when speaking of her failure to end the cycles of war.
  • Her encounter lines to Vaan and Prishe are, "It'd be great if I could fly freely like you...", and, "You're so upbeat! I should emulate you," respectively, referring to her transition into a sphere hunter in Final Fantasy X-2, flying around Spira in an airship and modeling herself after her cousin Rikku.
  • When Cosmos summons Crystals beams of light rush through the Order's Sanctuary. When lights spin around Yuna, she assumes a similar pose to that when Seymour Guado was showing memories from Farplane spirits, with her arms opened and looking around with amazement.
  • Yuna can equip guns, a reference to her default class of Gunner in Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Yuna's defeat cry, "It's because I was naive," alludes to what Auron said about her when first arriving in the Macalania Woods, after her statement of getting married to Seymour: "She's naive, serious to a fault, and doesn't ask for help."
  • Yuna's story begins on a beach, a reference to her pilgrimage beginning in Besaid.
  • The added effect of Yuna's best exclusive weapon, Spira's Hope, is Cat Nip, which was a powerful accessory especially for Gunners in the original Final Fantasy X-2, where it could enable a Trigger Happy attack that dealt 9999 damage with every hit.
  • Yuna's opposing villain in story mode is the Emperor, which may allude to her antagonism with Seymour Guado due to a number of similarities between them: both return from death as corrupted souls, the two have similar hairstyles, choice of weapon, and status as powerful and respected mages. When Yuna (and later Tidus) fights the Emperor, "Fight With Seymour" is the music track used for the battle.
  • Yuna's hope of finding Tidus and chasing after him despite his fighting for the side of Chaos, alludes to the plot of Final Fantasy X-2, where she, upon mistaking Shuyin for Tidus, becomes a sphere hunter in the hopes of finding him.
  • At the start of Yuna's final battle with the Emperor, she states, "This is my story. It has a happy ending!", referring to the recurring phrase from her games, particularly her words from the main ending of Final Fantasy X-2: "This is my story. It'll be a good one."
  • The name of Yuna's exclusive weapon, Spira's Hope, is derived from the line Seymour said to her after Operation Mi'ihen: "But you... are a summoner. You are Spira's hope."
  • During her interactions with Jecht, she refers to him as "Sir Jecht," as she did in Final Fantasy X.
  • When Cloud and Ultimecia face Yuna their lines are, "You sure have a solid resolve," and "You seem to have resolve," respectively. This alludes to the first battle against Seymour at Macalania Temple when choosing Yuna's 'Talk' command to Seymour, he responds, "Your eyes, they burn with resolve."