"Yuna's Ballad" from Final Fantasy X-2

"Yuna's Ballad" is a theme associated with Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2. Unlike Yuna's character theme, "Yuna's Theme", Yuna's Ballad is an emotional and sorrowful theme, most notably played during the party's fight against Bahamut in the Bevelle Underground, and moments where Yuna reminisces about Tidus. It is also played during the fiend tale ending of the Gug.

A vocal version of the theme, "Kimi e" (君へ。, To you?), was included on the Final Fantasy X-2: Vocal Collection - Yuna album, and also appears on the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Original Soundtrack. It is played during the closing scenes of Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission. This vocal version is sung by Mayuko Aoki, Yuna's Japanese voice actress.

"Kimi e"[edit | edit source]

Japanese[edit | edit source]

吐息思わせる 雨音に包まれて
そう冷めた頬に手のひらで 触れて感じる
鼓動を響かせて この時を分かち合えるから
君と歩く午後 訳もなくふと思う
そう笑みをかわし手のひらを 重ね信じる
君へと辿り着き 巡りあう... 必ず

Rōmaji[edit | edit source]

Toiki omowaseru amaoto ni tsutsumarete
Kotoba wa muryoku to ki ga tsuiteru
Tsutawaru no wa hitotsu dake
Sō, sameta hoho ni tenohira de furete kanjiru
Hakanai nukumori de futari no sukima wo umete
Kodō wo hibikasete kono toki wo wakachi aeru kara
Hitomi tojite
Kimi to aruku gogo wake mo naku futo omō
Yagate kono hibi wa owaru no kamo...
Yokan no koe kiku yori mo
Sō, emi wo kawashi tenohira wo kasane shinjiru
Sasayaka na nukumori de futari no kizuna tsunaide
Inochi wo kanadete itoshisa wo moyashite
Kono shunkan wo somete
Nanimokamo utsurō sekai
Toki wo tometai to negau yume kiete mo
Ima kimi to ikiteku hitotoki wa
Yume janai kara...
Hakanai nukumori ga haruka ni hanareta toshite mo
Tamashī furueta shunkan no omoi yadoshite ashita e
Natsukashī tenohira wo watashi wa wasurenai kara
Kimi e to tadoritsuki meguriau... kanarazu
Kurayami sae mo koete

Rough English translation[edit | edit source]

Being surrounded by the sound of rain that sounds like sighs
I realize that words are powerless
There's only one thing that reaches me
I touch the cold cheek with my palm and feel it
Close the gap between the two of us with that empty warmth
So we can share this time as our heart beats
With our eyes closed
Walking with you in the afternoon, without any reason I wonder
If these days will come to an end someday...
Instead of listening to the voice of premonition
Instead I exchange smiles and believe with our hands overlapped
Bind the connection between the two of us with that small warmth
Ringing life and burning love
Dye this moment
Even if the dream wishing to stop time disappears
In this world where everything fades
This moment I live with you now
Isn't a dream...
Even if that empty warmth moves away to the distance
That moment our souls touch each other, dwell on the feelings to tomorrow
I won't forget that dear palm so
I'll reach you, I'll meet you... for sure
By passing over even darkness

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection[edit | edit source]

"Yuna's Ballad" is the second song, arranged and performed by Hiroko Kokubu.

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ Music From Final Fantasy X-2[edit | edit source]

A version using live instruments is included on the single.

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