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Yuko Sasaki is a character from Final Fantasy Lost Stranger. She is an employee of Square Enix working her second year in the Sales division and is transported along with her brother into a Final Fantasy world never seen before.



Yuko is a young girl in her early 20s. She is average height and has short brown hair. Upon reaching the other world she uses a white blouse with short sleeves. Blue shorts with black stripes and long leg protectors.


Like her brother, Yuko is an avid fan of Final Fantasy, not letting the fact that being in sales will keep her from making her own Final Fantasy game. She has long admired her brother for his dedication and commitment when facing problems, characteristics developed as a result of beating several Final Fantasy games through sheer analysis.

At present time Yuko serves as Shogo's emotional support as he often falls into depressing moods due to not getting closer to achieving their dream, by constantly cheering on him and reminding him of the things he taught her.

She makes frequent use of "FF" related puns, such as relating her brother's mood akin to status ailments like Poison or Confusion. Likewise she states delicious food and her support to serve as healing spells.



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Early LifeEdit

Yuko and her brother Shogo Sasaki possessed aspirations and dreams to create their own Final Fantasy. This admiration for Final Fantasy carried itself into their adulthood as they began working at Square Enix to pursue their interests in the game series.

Prelude RebirthEdit

In present day, Yuko works with her brother at Square Enix in her second year as part of its sales team. Yuko talks with her brother about his aspirations within the company. A dejected Shogo laments that he might need to give up his dream on creating an "FF" game and become an adult. In response, Yuko loudly proclaims that she and her brother just need to keep going at their own pace bit by bit in order to create their own "FF". After cheering up her brother, the duo end their lunch break and while going back to their offices, are hit by a truck.

Following their "demise," Shogo finds Yuko socializing with party members at a tavern. After asking several questions about the world they find themselves in, Yuko requests that the party take her and her brother along as their apprentices. Since they are in an unfamiliar world, Yuko thinks it best that they travel with a party to learn more about it. After being accepted into the party, the duo travel and learn more about the world while using some of their knowledge about Final Fantasy to process the information with ease.

In a bid to change their jobs from "Jobless," Yuko and Shogo decide to approach a guild about finding suitable jobs. Suddenly, a man bursts into the tavern proclaiming that a child is in danger. Faced with an adversary like the Dawnless White Dragon, Yuko inspires the team to proceed with saving the child despite the obvious difference in level between her allies and their foe. She rushes steadfast in saving the child while Shogo tries to make ease of the situation for his sister. Yuko manages to grab ahold of the child and throws him towards Shogo, having her body bitten by the dragon in the process. A crying Sharuru tries in vain to heal the deceased Yuko while Rei cites it as an instant death. Shogo using his knowledge of Final Fantasy tells Sharuru to use Raise to revive Yuko. A despondent Sharuru states that Raise does not exist.

Defying FateEdit

After being killed by the Dawnless White Dragon, Yuko's corpse is transformed into a vibrant and clear crystal.

Sharuru presents Yuko's crystal to Shogo who reacts with disgust and is ashamed of his inaction at saving his sister. Sharuru reveals to him that Yuko was worried about Shogo's condition and was so happy and glad that adventuring brought a smile to his face.

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